The 5 Best Mattresses for Murphy Beds Reviewed

Last Updated May 21, 2022

Murphy beds are a popular space-saving choice for small bedrooms and apartments. It gives you a lot of free floor space when you’re not sleeping.

Keep your bed out of sight and mind during the day, and then pull it down at night for a dreamy, restful sleep. Getting the right mattress for your Murphy bed is essential, and you need it to be comfortable and convenient.

It can be daunting buying a mattress at the best of times, but it somehow feels a tad more severe if you have a particular bed for which you are buying it – you have to get it right! Pair this with the fact that you are buying online, and buying a complete disaster is forgivable.

But please, worry not, because we are here to help!

This article aims to provide you with five of the best mattresses for a murphy bed and give you an informative Buyers’ Guide to know what to look for when mattress shopping

Best Mattresses for Murphy Beds

1. The Koala Mattress

The mattress that is our top pick for murphy beds is this high-quality Koala Mattress.

A foam mattress is ideal for your murphy bed because it’s responsive enough to maintain its shape, whether standing or flat. The Koala mattress has three layers of foam, and the base layer is thick and supportive, made of polyurethane foam. The comfort layer on top offers a plush sleeping surface, and if you need your mattress firmer, flip the top layer.

An essential feature of a mattress for a murphy bed is breathability. The Koala mattress allows airflow between the mattress layers to keep you cool and dry all night long. It is also lined with Tencel Lyocell fibre to keep you cool and dry during the night. While you store your mattress during the day, you don’t have to worry about trapped moisture, bacteria, or mould.

Sharing a bed is also easier for light sleepers. It incorporates  Zero Disturbance technology so your partner moving during the night doesn’t have to wake you. An anti-slip bottom is all you need to keep your mattress in place while in a horizontal or vertical position. The mattress is 25cm high so keep that in mind when choosing a bed, so you get one that fits your murphy bed frame.

This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night trial period. If you find that this is not the right fit for you, you can return it within 120 days, risk-free.


  • Adjustable firmness
  • Breathable
  • Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • A 10-year warranty and a 120-night trial included


  • It may not be ideal for extremely hot sleepers.

What the reviews say:

Great customer experience, fast delivery, and love the mattress – especially that my partner can have the ‘firmer’ option on his side, and I can have the more cushy one. Sleeping great on it.

James L., May 2022.

Buy it online from

2. Ecosa Mattress

The Ecosa mattress is another top-rated mattress ideal for a murphy bed. It offers luxurious comfort for a low price compared to other mattresses of its quality. And nearly 16,000 previous customers agree. This mattress is an excellent choice for hot sleepers or warm climes.

 It comprises three foam layers. The top layer is a Cooling gel-infused memory foam layer for temperature regulation, and memory foam can trap heat, but the cooling gel will prevent that. The middle memory foam layer is breathable and responsive for plush, contoured support.

The final support layer features pressure-relieving foam. The thick layer will provide spinal alignment, joint and back support, zero motion transfer, and high durability. The mattress has a waterproof inner cover and outer Tencel cover that is removable and washable.

The entire mattress is breathable, waterproof and dustproof, so packing up your bed will never be an issue. Ecosa also offers a 15-year warranty and 100-night trial, but you will not want to return if the reviews are anything.


  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic
  • Cooling gel-infused memory foam
  • A 15-year warranty and a 100-night trial included


  • It may be too firm for lightweight people

What the reviews say:

I love my new king size mattress!! I have never been a great sleeper, and now I am sleeping through the night and not waking with back pain. Highly recommend this mattress!

Bec S., May 2022.

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3. Emma Comfort Mattress

Next up is the innovative Comfort Mattress from Emma Sleep. It comes in various sizes, with each mattress standing 25cm tall. The memory foam is adaptive, so it offers contoured support in whatever position you sleep in, and it never loses shape even with hours of standing.

It gives broad ergonomic support to your pressure points and joints. The mattress core is polyether foam and elastic foam. It doesn’t just adapt to your body; it also prevents disturbance for a more restful sleep. There is zero motion transfer, so you can sleep through your partner tossing and turning.

Emma Sleep uses trademarked Airgocell for optimum breathability and cooling airflow. You can stay cool and dry all night, and there is no chance of mould or bacteria flourishing while it is stored away.

Overall, this is a medium-firm mattress, and this is an excellent in-between firmness, perfect for those of you who don’t like to sink right into a bed but don’t want it to feel stiff as a board either. It is perfect for side sleepers due to its extra cushioning.


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable and durable
  • No motion transfer
  • Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic
  • A 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial included
  • Free delivery and returns


  • It may be too firm for some sleepers.

What the reviews say:

I have three bulging discs in my back, and this bed helps me sleep better. It has the right amount of cushiness and support. I’ve bought the mattress topper but haven’t needed it. I bought, loved it so much I bought one for my daughter as well.

Tim, November 2021.

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4. Onebed Essential 8″

Onebed’s line of mattresses makes for some of the best murphy bed mattresses. This mattress is available in every size, so buy it according to the size of your Murphy bed. You can also choose from 8, 10, or 12-inch mattresses, so there is plenty of choices depending on whether you want a mattress topper and room for extra blankets and comforters.

Two layers make up the Onebed Essential 8-inch matters. On top is the comfort layer, and this layer is three inches of gel-infused memory foam. The memory foam conforms to your body contours while providing incredible comfort. The second support layer is high-density foam for spinal alignment and pressure relief.

The firmness level is medium-firm, and one customer commented that it offers the right amount of support without sagging. The medium-firm feel accommodates most sleeping positions while maintaining comfort and support. The mattress is also breathable and will give you many cool, comfy nights.


  • Breathable
  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • No motion transfer
  • A 10-year warranty and a 125-night trial included


  • It may be too firm for some sleepers.

What the reviews say:

Absolutely did wonders (and continues to do so) for my lower back pain and has kept its stable form. This is THE One Bed you will ever need for a while!

BackPainBGone, May 2022.

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5. Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress

The final recommendation for your murphy bed is this Memory foam mattress from Ergoflex. Like others, it comes in various sizes to find the correct size for your murphy bed.

23cm of mattress thickness ensures a comfortable and supportive sleep. This innovative mattress comprises three layers of memory foam and high-density support foam—a 9cm thick visco-elastic foam layer on top of the memory foam layer for extra cooling. The middle airflow layer is equipped with grooves for temperature regulation and breathability. It disperses your body heat, so you never run hot during the night.

Finally, the foam base layer is what gives terrific pressure relief and spinal alignment. This high-resilience foam layer makes that mattress extra durable and ensures it holds its own when you’re sleeping or standing in storage.

To wrap it all up, Ergoflex uses Tencel fibre. It is a sustainably sourced fabric with many unique properties. It is not only soft and breathable, but it also has moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. Store your mattress safely without the risk of bacteria or mould taking over.


  • Breathable
  • Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic
  • Removable and washable mattress cover
  • Zero motion transfer
  • A 10-year warranty and a 10-day trial included


  • It may be too firm for some sleepers.

What the reviews say:

Our teenage boys and guest room have been sleeping on Ergoflex for three years. My husband and I kept taking naps in the guest room because we found that mattress so comfortable, so finally decided just to switch our own mattress to Ergoflex as well!

JCT, April 2022.

Buy it online from

Murphy Bed Mattresses Buying Guide

We know that buying a mattress online feels like an impossible task, not just because you can’t jump around on them like you would in a store!

However, the good news is that we are here to help. We will tell you precisely what you should consider when buying your mattress, guiding you through everything.

So keep on reading to become a mattress-buying maestro – with this guide, you will be able to sleep soundly without worrying that you will buy the utterly wrong mattress.

Type of Mattress

 A common issue with Murphy beds is that they can damage your mattress and cause your mattress to start slumping. Mattresses are designed to lay flat, but a Murphy bed means that the mattress spends half of its life vertically. The top of a Murphy mattress can start to bunch up.

Luckily though, this is dependent on the type of mattress that you buy. Some materials are more prone to slumping than others. For a Murphy bed, there is an overwhelming amount of recommendations for choosing a foam mattress rather than a spring mattress, and we have to agree with this.

Because of the style of a Murphy bed, with its box shape and deep inside, you don’t want a mattress that will add lots of extra height. A foam mattress will give the same comfort as an innerspring mattress but will be able to fit the shape of the bed far easier.

Memory foam is another attractive choice for your Murphy bed mattress. Memory foam moulds to the shape of your body and stays that way, providing personalised comfort for you, and it is generally softer and less firm than regular foam.

Between both types of foam mattresses – regular and memory- it is a personal choice what mattress you choose. In terms of your Murphy bed, both of these would be suitable.

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are generally very comfortable. Still, the pocket springs or coils can sag or lose shape because they are not built to stay in vertical positions for long periods. Your best bet for a wall bed is a foam or latex mattress.

Size and thickness

The dimensions of your mattress are a vital factor to take into consideration. The actual size of the mattress that you buy will depend on the Murphy bed size. You need the mattress to fit into the bed perfectly. For example, if you have a Murphy bed that is a double, you need to buy a double mattress.

It is worth noting that typically, Murphy beds don’t come in king or California king size, so buying a mattress in either of these sizes is a big no-no!

Thickness is another essential consideration to make. As discussed in our mattress types section, the mattress you choose shouldn’t give the bed any extra height. Otherwise, you risk it not fitting when you push the bed up in the morning.

Murphy beds are typically helpful because they are excellent space savers in those teeny tiny apartment rooms. You don’t want the mattress you choose to compromise this. The general recommended thickness of a mattress for a Murphy bed will be 12 inches, and this ensures that there will still be enough room for your pillows, sheets, duvets, and extra blankets.

If you managed to get a thinner mattress than this, you could even have room for a mattress topper, should you so desire.


So, we know that the best mattress for a Murphy bed should be foam, and we know precisely the right thickness. Now we need to discuss mattress firmness.

As already stated, memory foam and regular foam do have slight differences in their firmness. However, this will also vary depending on the specific brand you buy.

Mattress firmness is a personal choice, and in terms of your Murphy bed, choosing a soft, medium, or firm mattress should not affect your experience of the bed itself.

It is good to remember that whatever mattress you choose will be placed directly onto your Murphy bed, without a box spring as you would find on a standalone bed.

For this reason, you may prefer a firmer mattress over a softer mattress. We recommend trying a bed with a medium firmness or above to give you the perfect support and top levels of comfort.

Sleep Trials

Another consideration is whether your mattress comes with a Sleep Trial warranty. It is becoming increasingly common to see mattresses with a 100-night guarantee or something similar.

While this isn’t imperative for your mattress, especially if you follow our advice, it can be comforting to have peace of mind that if your bed is nightmarish to sleep, you won’t be stuck with it forever.

The trial period isn’t a must-have for every mattress buyer, but if it is something you would like to have as a form of reassurance, consider finding a mattress with this guarantee.

Bear in mind that a sleep trial is different from a warranty, although they may seem similar at first glance. You should check each mattress you want to buy as not all will offer a sleep trial, such as the 100-night guarantee, whereas nearly all mattresses will have a warranty.

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