Heavy comforters are perfect for cold winter nights and the flu, but for those who overheat at night, thick comforters might as well be a live volcano ready to swallow you up. Don’t feed the fire, instead get a comfortable, lightweight bed cover to give you the perfect amount of warmth for a long night of rest. Comforters come with the ability to serve as a duvet or go straight on your bed without a fancy outfit on.

Lightweight comforters come in several materials including cotton, polyester, microfiber, and even silk with some of these same materials inside providing a cozy nest for sleep. Finding the right material is essential as most materials absorb body heat and allow the material to keep you warm all night long.

Finally, you need to find the best option for your style and home. That’s where we come in with the ten best options on the market ranging in price from low to high to suit any budget. We found the best lightweight comforters to keep you comfortable without acting like a furnace so you can leave them on your bed year-round. Take a look at the options and then read the buying guide for more information.

Best Lightweight Comforters

These are our picks for the best lightweight comforters:

1. INGALIK Down Alternative Bed Comforter

The INGALIK Down Alternative Bed Comforter offers a down-like soft fabric perfect for sleeping any time of the year. First, though, choose your size from twin, queen, or king-size to fit any bed beautifully. You don’t need to worry about color as this simple option only comes in white, making it perfect if you want a clean, modern room.

Next, the comforter comes filled with hypoallergenic microfiber in a brushed polyester shell for extreme comfort. Polyester retains heat well, so even though it’s lightweight, it will keep you warm. Moreover, the company utilizes a new technology to draw moisture away from your body to prevent uncomfortable, sweaty nights.

The fluffy polyfill distributes heat and prevents clumping because of baffle box stitching construction. All this with beautiful hemming for a durable and long-lasting comforter. Washing is easy, too, as it goes in the machine on cold and then tumbles dry in the dryer. It’s the perfect price for complete comfort year-round with a lightweight comforter.

2. NTCOCO 3 Piece Lightweight Comforter Set

If you are looking for color options, the NTCOCO 3 Piece Lightweight Comforter Set will meet all of your needs with beautiful options. You can pick from gray, plaid, blue, and a few other options to suit your personal needs. Even better, those who don’t like polyesters will love the 100% cotton cover.

Inside the blanket, away from your skin, is polyester batting to create a comfortably warm nest for your nights of sleep. The set includes a comforter in either queen or king size and two pillowcases. No need for a duvet cover as you get a clean, classic style with added stitching on the body of the blanket for beauty and to keep the batting from moving around while in use.

The mid-range price makes this a perfect option for the master bedroom or a guest room. Furthermore, the comforter isn’t chemically treated to resist wrinkles, so it won’t cause any health issues. Finally, it will stay in place instead of sliding off your bed while you sleep and move around.

3. THXSILK 100% Pure Long Grade Mulberry Silk Comforter

For the ultimate luxury in lightweight comforters, you cannot go wrong with the THXSILK 100% Pure Long Grade Mulberry Silk Comforter. Pick from twin, queen, king, or California king and get a great night of sleep every night. Feel like you are sleeping on a five-star hotel bed without the room service. Although the room service would be nice, this bedding is better.

First, its 300 thread count keeps it affordable, both luxurious and durable. Second, it comes from one of the top silk brands in China called Taihu Snow Silk and makes the perfect gift for yourself or for someone else. Third, the company uses OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification for quality construction and non-harmful ingredients.

Finally, this is a hypoallergenic option with quilting to keep the padding in place. Either use the comforter alone or pair with a beautiful duvet comfort for the easiest care. Although you can was this lightweight bell on gentle and dry on low heat. Improve your sleep with an anti-aging comforter ready to provide the opulent lifestyle you crave.

4. Homelike Moment Lightweight Comforter

Skip white and find a darker shade to enhance the sleeping atmosphere in your bedroom with the Homelike Moment Lightweight Comforter. The clean-lined comforter is reversible so you can change the color to suit your mood too. Choose between red/gray, black/gray, brown/beige, blues, or white to match your room style.

Beyond the color, the lightweight comforter comes in twin, full/queen, or king-size to fit any bed, or you can buy one in a different shade for every bedroom in your house as it’s so affordable. The soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic microfiber allows you to sleep without worries and, more importantly, without sweat, thanks to the thin design and quilted all made to OEKO TEX standards.

Use this comforter all year round, although you may want to add some blankets in the winter if you tend to get cold in the night. You can sleep well knowing the comforter won’t clump thanks to quality quilting too. Finally, you can use this as a duvet insert as it has four corner tabs to anchor the duvet cover.

5. WhatsBedding Gray Goose Duck Down Comforter

The WhatsBedding Gray Goose Duck Down Comforter offers a one hundred percent cotton and feather comforter. With this set, you can pick between twin, queen, king, or California king size and also from either white or gray. Also, you can use the lightweight comforter as a duvet comforter too.

Like with the other options, these are large enough to drip off your bed for a beautiful aesthetic. This one uses classic box stitching technology to keep the feathers in place and ensure a comfortable night of rest. Furthermore, washing is simple as you can toss it in the machines to wash and dry.

Finally, despite the plush appearance from the feathers, the comforters stay lightweight and perfect for all four seasons or as many as your location has! It comes vacuum-sealed, so it may take a couple of hours to fully fluff out, or you can toss it in the dryer on low to puff it out. You will have this comforter for years thanks to exquisite stitching on the hem and the breathable material.

6. Dawndior All season Quilt Set

If you prefer a more luxuriant comforter, the Dawndior All season Quilt Set uses tuft style stitching instead of classic box stitching for a completely different style ready to bring your room up a notch. The natural yarn-dyed one hundred percent cotton cover is reversible and double-layered for more beauty. Those looking for a natural, earthy style definitely need this stunning set.

Choose from three stunning color combos, including tan, green, and blue, and then pick from full/queen or king size. Either way, you are getting a one hundred percent cotton cover with down alternative for optimal breathability for a good night of sleep every night. All with a retro feel thanks to crafty weaving and lightweight double layers.

Get a comforter ready to bath you in softness so gentle it’s even perfect for babies. If for some reason you don’t fall completely in love with the bedding, you can return it for a full refund. Trust us though, if the mid-range price is in your budget, you will want multiples of this elegant comforter set.

7. ROSMARUS Luxury Lightweight Bed Comforter

The ROSMARUS Luxury Lightweight Bed Comforter comes in twin, queen, or king-size and offers a classic box style with the addition of silky embossed lines for added appeal. This design allows all of the padding to stay in place while providing beautiful bedding to sleep on. Although, this comforter does not come in any colors but white.

However, you do get an alternative duvet that also functions as a comforter depending on your needs. It’s lightweight making up the perfect option for all seasons with quality materials that allow you to both breathe and feel comfortable all night long. The Shell is hypoallergenic, and inside find soft 70 fiber for safe an odor-free sleep. Those who want the feeling of goose down but without the allergies, Will love this pretty comforter.

Lastly, superior stitching allows you to wash this comforter over and over and cold water on gentle cycle as often as necessary. It can also air-dry or go in the dryer on low to maintain both fluff and quality. Nor will it slide around the bed, instead it will provide superior comfort and keep you warm without freezing, fraying, or falling apart.

8. Luxurious Goose Down Comforter

The Royalay Luxurious Goose Down Comforter offers pure comfort with a plush and yet lightweight comforter ready to give you a cozy place to relax. Although the price is on the high side, this is a 100% real goose down comforter or with 750+ fill power. This means you’re getting top quality and that comes with 1000 thread count. Pick between white or navy blue.

If you buy this comforter now, you’ll still have it in several decades because of the quality stitching and quality filling. With 100% cotton, you get Paul allergenic sleep and super soft fabric to better and enhance your night. The detailed piping and double stitching is available in twin, queen, or king size.

Next, the goose down has been treated for allergies to make this an allergy-free option for almost everyone. You can also use this as a duvet cover as it has eight anchoring tabs. Finally, it comes with a one-year free return and 30 days full money back service. You won’t want to return this incredibly plush comforter, though, as the lightweight, breathable bedding will improve your sleep.

9. Decroom White Comforter

With the Decroom White Comforter, you get a budget-friendly comforter they can also serve as a duvet insert. It wicks away moisture thanks to a special treatment, all while remaining lightweight and soft. The comforter comes with the options of white, peach, navy blue, or black, as well as in twin, full/queen, or king size.

Dress your bed up and simple style with classic boxing to keep the lightweight down alternative in place. Thanks to new technology, the twill fabric is softer than cotton, and additional 3M Scotchgard helps to protect the fabric so you can have a restful night for years. It’s filled with 260gsm 7-hole fiber for both breathability and temperature control. All while top fibers help to prevent allergies and associated symptoms.

The fluffy bedding works year-round and comes with son in tabs to serve as a duvet cover as well. Furthermore, the set comes with matching pillowcases to save you money. Stay at your perfect temperature, oh you’re around without spending a small fortune.

10. Bedsure 3 Piece Reversible Quilt Set

For more elegant design, try the Bedsure 3 Piece Reversible Quilt Set so you can have more color options unless plush for a thinner or less restricting comforter. Even though this set looks expensive, it will fit in almost any budget and in any room, thanks to over ten color options and styles of quilting.

The comforter is made of 100% microfiber to reduce cost and care. You can pick between twin, full/queen, or king-size to better suit your needs, and you get pillow shams included so you don’t have to worry about matching. Moreover, the simplistic diamond quilted pattern offers a little elegant edge to any room no matter what style your decorating design.

As this comforter is a coverlet, it’s lightweight with parents stitching and perfect for all seasons. In the warmer months, use the comforter alone without blankets, and in the winter place, a couple of plush come blankets underneath and still retain your room’s beauty. It will last for years thanks to neat, quality stitching, and it’s washable as well as extremely soft and breathable.

Lightweight Comforter Purchase Guide

Before picking a comforter, make sure you know what you are looking for to make the best decision. To help, we put together a buying guide. Take a look at all of the factors associated with a comforter to get the best value for your money.


Comforter shells are usually made of cotton, polyester (also called microfiber), or silk. All are good options but with different benefits. Cotton tends to be longer but wrinkles. It’s very soft but requires several washing to gain full softness. Polyester doesn’t wrinkle and is soft but isn’t quite as breathable as cotton and also doesn’t absorb water meaning it can trap your sweat. Cotton comes with a thread count while microfiber does not, and the higher the count, the higher the quality and value.

Cotton and polyester are both easy to maintain, although you will want to get cotton out of the dryer as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles. If you sweat at night, you will want cotton instead of polyester or microfiber. Silk is for those who want both quality and comfort but don’t mind the slipperiness of the material.

You also need to consider the filling inside of a comforter. Some comforter still comes with down feathers, which is not a good option for someone with bird or feather allergies even though the feathers are thoroughly cleaned before use. Often, comforters use polyester or down-alternative instead to prevent allergies and save on cost as feathers are much more expensive.

Both options provide breathability, but feathers tend to last longer. However, feathers can also poke out and cause some trouble if the fabric is not sturdy. Down alternative tends to not retain its plushness as long as down but is much more affordable. Some come with a fill weigh, and for a lightweight comforter, you want a lower number to reduce the amount of heat the blanket will keep.

For more information on down comforters vs. synthetic, watch this video:

Design & Construction

Most comforters come with a quilted box design to keep filling in and for added beauty. The design is very simple as its just straight horizontal and vertical lines. Some comforters come with tufting or diamond shapes as well for a different appeal.

All of these are acceptable options so long as there are some quilting lines to keep the inner padding from shifting around and bunching into a horrible mess. The more quilting, the better the padding will stay in place, and the longer you can keep your comforter.

Another design element to consider is edging. High-quality edging extends the life of the comforter by keeping out fraying and other issues. Double stitching can help to keep the comforter from falling apart as well. These will cause the price to be higher but ensure an option that will last for a lot longer.


Comforters can come in several sizes to coordinate with mattress sizes, including twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California king size. Finding twin xl and California king size can be a little harder than the average sizes. Options are available though for all of these sizes, but usually in very plain colors and duvet covers can be harder still to find.

Another issue is many companies combine the full and queen size instead of keeping them separate. This can cause length issues for queen beds, and then you feel you need to upgrade to a king-size for added length. Try and get a dedicated full or queen size to fit your bed’s length better.

Twin – 86- 88 inches by 66-68 inches
Twin XL – 68 inches by 90 inches
Full – 86- 88 inches by 81-84 inches
Queen – 96-100 inches by 86-88 inches
King – 86- 88 inches by 102 inches
Cal King – 96-98 inches by 107-110 inches

Questions About Best Lightweight Comforter

Who needs a lightweight comforter?

Anyone who tends to overheat in their sleep needs a lightweight comforter to keep them warm and comfortable at night. Also, anyone who lives in warmer climates needs one as well to prevent having to run the air conditioning on full blast. Some locations tend to switch from hot to cold and back again in a matter of days, and people in these areas may also benefit from a lightweight comforter and a couple of blankets on the side to accommodate those changes.

Do I need a duvet cover for my comforter?

No, a comforter can be used as-is, or you can use a duvet cover. A duvet cover replaces the need for sheets and makes putting the bed back together much simpler. However, many people do not want to give up their sheets, and no one should have to give up their preferred bedding style. However, if you do not use a duvet comforter, you may have to clean the bedding more often to cope with sweat, animal hair, or regular dirt.

Another consideration for a duvet is tabs help you to keep the comforter inside of the cover. Options without tabs will work but will bunch and slide out more easily, causing comfort issues. Make sure to look for tabs if choosing an option to go inside a cover.

How can I keep my comforter clean?

The best way to keep your comforter clean is to shower before bed or at least make sure your feet are clean before going to bed. You can also wash your bedding once a week and keep animals off the bed. Make sure to use sheets or a duvet cover as well and not to ever put shoes on the bed.

Final Thoughts About Best Lightweight Comforter

If you still cannot decide which comforter to buy for your home or as a gift, we suggest the Ingalik Down Alternative Comforter. It’s filled with hypoallergenic filling and has soft wrinkle-resistant microfiber on the outside, and it’s easy to wash. Get a great plush night of sleep without any worries. Get your more comfortable night of sleep with a lightweight comforter that provides warmth without causing you to overheat.