Iron bed frames offer a beautiful aesthetic to any bedroom and reduce the amount of work to care for a bed. These durable beds, if welded properly, can last decades or longer to hold up your expensive mattress set. Don’t worry, though, while made of metal, they are still lightweight enough that you can change the layout of your room on a whim.

Another advantage of iron bed frames is they come in a ton of different styles. From vintage to Asian inspired to modern, find the style you want. Even better, while iron bed frames look expensive but can often cost less than a wooden or fabric bed frame and so much less maintenance!

The question is, what are your choices, and with so many available, how do you know you are getting a good iron bed frame? Don’t worry, we did hours of extensive research to find the best options and save you time. Now all you need to do is pick from the highly-rated and durable option below so you can get the bedroom of your dreams.

Best Iron Bed Frames

These are our picks for the best iron bed frames:

1. Walker Edison Furniture Company Vintage Metal Iron Pipe Bed

Inofia brings the 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper to the market and, with it, the height of comfort and innovation. Their topper comes with four layers, including a cover, Gelex Memory foam, lavender relief-foam, and an anti-slip base. All this and you can still pick the size of your bed from twin, full, queen, or king size. The benefits from this topper don’t stop there either, keep on reading.

Are you trying to recreate a vintage bedroom? You need the Walker Edison Vintage Bed. It comes with a timeless design in a bronze color like you may have seen in your great grandparent’s room or movies. The headboard sits high up on the wall with a lower footboard for a more austere effect, ready to revamp your bedroom into an antique oasis without the rust or work of an actual vintage bed frame.

You can pick from queen (56 x 85 x 63 inches) or king (84 x 79 x 56 inches) and weighs enough to move around with the help of another person for a solid base. You can also pick from antique white or bronze powder-coated metal to suit your style better. The bed can support up to 500 pounds making it an extremely sturdy bed ready to last for a lifetime.

Lastly, the Iron pipe style bed works with many different styles, including bohemian, eclectic, vintage, rustic, and so many more. The defining detail is circular designs at the top of the head and footboards to break up the straight lines. Includes the headboard, footboard, and rails, making it ready for a box spring and mattress.

2. Leggett & Platt Lucinda Complete Metal Bed and Steel Support Frame

Bring some decadence to your home with the Leggett & Platt Lucinda Bed. It comes in a full size, which may not work in every space, and it’s the only reason this bed ranks a little lower because it’s so beautiful and sturdy. The bed is constructed with carbon steel with a marbled russet finish for an opulent finish.

Not only does the bed come with a solid frame ready for a box spring and mattress, but it looks likes it’s straight out of a magazine with delicate scrollwork. Add in some unique castings, and sleighed top rails for a gorgeous and supportive bed ready to cradle you for the best night of sleep. It also comes in rich tones of marbled brown and gold to make you feel like a millionaire.

The full-sized bed measures 55 x 55 x 86 inches and makes a perfect size for a guest bed in a smaller room or a teenagers room. Next, the bed comes with a ten-year warranty, but with the solid, heavy materials, this bad will easily last much longer. At 71 pounds, you will need help setting up the bed, and it does require assembly like all of the beds on the list; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to get them in your front door!

3. White Antique Vintage Metal Bed Frame

Add some vintage charm to your room with a rounded headboard and footboard with beautiful details. The bed comes in a bold white ready to blend into any current decor you already own or give yourself an excuse to purchase new bedding too! Pick from full or queen size and set up your new sleeping space now with the Antique Bed By Lacey Round. Do note, this is not an actual antique but inspired by a popular vintage design.

The Lamar collection offers soft curves, simple lines, and an aesthetically pleasing design ready to capture attention and create a new focal point in your room. Find attention to detail with rope knot designs and double arches. Every detail speaks of quality workmanship just like you would have found a hundred years ago, and now you can have the bed without the age in your own home.

Those who love metal beds cannot go wrong with this classic design for a romantic bedroom makeover. It’s ready for florals, plaids, bohemian or satin to help it sparkle and shine. Add in some Tiffany lamps and waterfall nightstands to complete the look along with lace curtains.

The set includes a headboard, footboard, rails, and metal slats ready to hold your bed up. Next, the queen size measures 56.25 x 64.5 x 87.25 inches and requires some assembly. The bed does require either a box spring or a platform before putting the mattress on top.

4. Coaster Livingston Metal Bed

With the Coaster Livingston Metal Bed, you get a durable and simple bed ready to keep your space simple. The timeless design ready to decorate in your style. Some beds require a designated style, but this versatile option only requires a change of bedding to update your look. Even better, the bed comes in twin, full, queen, or California king size to meet almost any size you need.

The waterfall curve adds a little softness to the other straight lines for quiet elegance. Inside the box, you will find a headboard, footboard, and rails. All you need is a box spring, mattress, and bedding. You will need to assemble the bed, but the process takes about ten minutes.

Finally, the bed is constructed with steel tubing and mold-casted ornaments for a sturdy frame. The frame weighs 59 pounds and measures 64.5 x 87.25 x 51.75 inches. It comes in a dark brown bronzy color in a matte finish, ready to add some warmth to your room. It’s the perfect addition to a kids room, adult room, teen room, or a guest room.

5. Hillsdale Furniture Chesapeake Bed Set

The Hillsdale Furniture Chesapeake Bed Set will bring a new level of rich decor to your bedroom with their iron and metal bed. From tapered poles and intricate scrollwork, you will spend hours staring at the beautiful new addition to your room. Pick from either queen or king size to hold two people comfortably or with tons of extra cuddle space.

From the detailed headboard and footboard to the austere end poles to the detailed side panels and sturdy frame, you will not find a more beautiful or supportive bed frame. In the queen size, the bed measures 66.7 x 66.7 x 90.5 inches and weighs 219 pounds, which can hold up to 500 pounds.

Although the price is rather high, you get a substantial frame, unlike any other on the market. The bed comes with a fully-welded construction with foundry-poured aluminum castings, heavy-gauge tubing, and solid bar wires, which is a fancy way to say the bed will never fall apart. It comes in a rich rustic brown ready to enhance warm decor.

Hillsdale makes quality beds ready to last generations and become the new heirloom in your family tree. Everything you need comes in the book, including the elegant side rails and the frame. Finally, the bed was made for a box spring and mattress, but with additional slats or a platform underneath, the frame could easily support a memory foam or hybrid mattress.

6. The Country Style Iron-Art Double Bed by URODECOR

For a touch of modern and antique design, look no further than the Country Style Bed by URODEECOR. The bed brings clean lines, gentle designs, and a touch of class to your home. Also, the bed sits a little higher on the ground, making it a great option for taller individuals. First, though, decide if you want the bed in full or queen size and make sure to get everything you need to make this the perfect space to curl up for the night.

As the bed is a mix of modern and classic, it comes in a rich black ready to coordinate with any furniture you own. The footboard also sits low enough, those with extra long legs can hang their legs over when they don’t want to curl up in a ball! They can also enjoy a sturdy metal frame with a welded platform and fixed screws to prevent noise and friction. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t happy with your purchase, you will love the five-year warranty and free replacement parts for worry-free sleep.

Furthermore, the bed goes together easily to save you from a massive hassle. The queen size frame measures 83.5 x 60.6 x 44 inches and weighs a solid 52 pounds making it easy to move around as needed. Lastly, the bed can support a maximum weight of 660 pounds meaning its a great option for overweight individuals looking for a metal bed.

7. DHP Brooklyn Metal Iron Bed

Achieve your decor desires with the DHP Brooklyn Metal Iron Bed it comes with a massive benefit the other beds don’t have. You can adjust the height of the bed to either 7 or 11 inches to allow for less or more storage, and it’s also helpful for the height of people too. If you have a young child using the bed, you can change the bed up to the taller size when they reach five-foot status.

You get a couple of options with the bed. First, you can pick your size from twin, full, or king-size – sorry, no queen with this model. Second, the bed comes in black or white to suit the color scheme and ton of the room. The bed also comes with a headboard, footboard, and support slats to keep the mattress and box spring in place.

Everything on the bed is made of metal for stability and durability, including a center rail for extra support to keep the mattress from sagging. The classic design comes with a high footboard that’s not great for taller individuals. Lastly, it does come with clean lines, round arches, and beautiful details at the seams. Impress your friends with this gorgeous design ready for everything from a cabin to a fancy home for a little bit of elegance.

8. Stone & Beam Vintage Ari Arced Metal Steel Aged Black Iron

The Stone & Beam Vintage Ari Arched Bed brings a new level of sophistication to your home with European style with arches and knot details on waterfall style rails. The bed frame brings smooth lines together with attractive arches for a geometric dream to help you sleep. The price is a little high, but you will understand why with all the attention to support and detail.

Stone & Beam uses steel construction with and forged welded joints to achieve superior support for the 57.3-pound bed. An aged iron finish provides a vintage appeal to the flawless bed ready to handle any decor from modern to floral and everything in between. Also, the queen-sized bed measures 86.75 x 65.5 x 50.25 inches and comes with a frame and middle slat for support.

Cleaning and assembling the bed couldn’t be simpler because it comes with all the hardware you need and washes with mild soap and water. If you don’t like the bed, send it back for free in the first 30 days, and it also comes with a 3-year warranty to protect your purchase. Also, the bed comes with three adjustable heights to get the right height for the people using the bed and for additional storage space.

Finally, the bed can hold up to 700 pounds! This means you could have two large adults, a couple of children, the family dog, the cat, and even a hamster and still wouldn’t cause an issue! Get everything you want in this beautiful bed, except you don’t get a size choice.

9. Zinus Tom Metal Platform Bed Frame

For a modern style ready for memory foam, hybrid, or latex mattress, try the Zinus Tom Metal Platform Bed Frame. It’s ready for any mattress with wooden slats and a full-frame. The best part is the footboard is just tall enough to keep the mattress on the bed without taking away space for long feet. It comes with a fabulous price four all four sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king size.

The frame couldn’t be simpler. It’s a rectangle made of metal with horizontal stripes serving as a headboard that is slightly rounded at the top. Everything you need comes in the box, and you won’t need to purchase a box spring. The bed frame sits 10 inches of the ground giving you room to use the space under the bed as storage space.

Moreover, the sturdy steel frame structure prevents sagging to increase the life of your mattress. Foam padded tape in all the right places keeps the bed from slipping and from making noise. Even better, the bed comes with a worry-free five-year warranty to guard your purchase.

Finally, the king-size bed measures 80 x 75.5 x 10 inches and weighs 79 pounds, which can support 500 pounds. The bed assembles in just minutes, so you don’t need to stress about putting the bed together. Give your room a modern facelift with a bed ready to hold a modern mattress.

10. Kid’s Bunk Bed Frame Wrought Iron Cast Metal

The last choice is the Kids Wrought Iron Bunk Beds by Inspire Q, and they are perfect for a guest room or a kids room as its wrought iron bunk beds. If you want to save space but don’t want to take a chance on an unsteady set of bunk beds, have no fear, this set is made of heavy-duty metal to hold kids up and provide a safe place to sleep even in small spaces.

The twin bunks come with an elegance you just can’t get from wooden bunks. It comes with a built-in ladder and tons of decorative details to add to the beauty of your kid’s room or guest room. The only downfall is the price, but it’s a bargain compared to solid wood bunk beds. If you want an industrial design with a dark bronze finish, this is the bed for you as it also comes with safety guard rails on the top bonk and platform slats for extra sturdiness.

Next, the overall dimension of the bed is 79.25 x 43.5 x 65.25 inches, and it can hold up to 250 pounds on each of the bunks. The clearance under the bottom bunk to the floor is 11 inches and from the top bunk to the bottom is 34.8 inches in height so kids won’t feel claustrophobic. You cannot use the bed as two separate beds as it’s intended for bunks only.

However, the bed doesn’t have a massively high guard rail, so do not use this for smaller children. Otherwise, this is a gorgeous deep brown with welded joints and beautiful knot designs with rounded tops for a design ready to work with any decor. Get more beds into a smaller space with this incredible bed that can even support adults.

Iron Bed Frame Buying Guide

Before purchasing a bed frame, take a look at the benefits of a metal-iron bed and why it might be the right choice for your home.


Whether you want a modern bed or a vintage, you can get the look you want with a metal or iron bed. For a modern look, stick to clean lines and fewer design elements. If you prefer a vintage look, try to pick a frame with knot details, circular shapes or arches, and rounded corners.

Iron beds have a great advantage – to change the color, you just need a couple of cans of spray paint! Though, most iron and metal beds come in a matte finish with a dark brown or black finish and sometimes even in white. For an eclectic or bohemian design, you can change the color or change the style by simply changing the bedding and surrounding decor pieces.

Another great advantage to the appeal of metal bed frames is they work with just about any furniture and any style. If you have a variety of furniture pieces, a metal frame may be able to help pull the look together and tie the pieces into your preferred aesthetic. Even by themselves in a room, a metal bed brings elegance to a room!

Lifespan & Maintenance

Metal beds welded together can last decades and, if treated properly, won’t require any maintenance but a quick dusting and light wash down with a cloth. Metal lasts longer than wood and doesn’t require staining, refinishing, nor does it splinter or break easily. Buy a metal bed now, and your great-grandchildren can add it to a vintage look in their room in the future!

Metal beds can rust, which takes some steel wool and a heavy hand to fix, so do keep the bed away from water. However, steel beds have another advantage over other materials, which is no bugs! From mites to bed bugs and other types of insects, thoroughly cleaning a metal bed takes very little effort.

At most, you will need to remove the parts to clean bugs out of the hollow tubes, which takes only minutes and then use a steamer to clean out and kill anything inside. If you steam any other kind of bed you can ruin the material but not so with a metal bed so long as you let it fully dry. Metal beds also don’t hold mold either, making them the best choice for people with allergies.


Most beds aren’t made of iron anymore but of an iron finish or with iron and steel elements to cut down on the weight and the cost. Steel is made in part by iron and carbon, so most metal beds are, in fact, a lighter iron than was readily available in the past. If you want an iron look without the weight on your upstairs, you can’t go wrong with iron-inspired metal as it’s also cost-effective too.

Questions About Iron Bed Frames

Can I use just the headboard and the frame; is the footboard required?

Some of the beds are designed to allow for the use of just the headboard, while others require the footboard. Check the instructions with the bed or call the manufacturer to find out if you can use just the footboard. Remember, four legs are required to keep the bed on the ground and flat. If the frame doesn’t have its own legs, then you will need the footboard, or you might need to purchase a separate frame.

Will an iron bed scratch my floor?

Iron or metal can both scratch your floor. Most frames come with rubber feet to prevent scratching floors or cutting carpet. If your bed does not, you can easily purchase rubber feet at most general retailers to prevent damaging your floors.

The bed I want doesn’t come with wooden slats, can I still use it for a memory foam mattress?

You can actually purchase slats for any size bed to accommodate a modern mattress style if you do not want to use a box spring and mattress set. Make sure to check the size, and you are good to go as most slats do not require assembly and act as platform to hold a mattress without sagging.

Wrapping Up Iron Bed Frames

Still can’t decide which bed frame is right for you? We suggest the Walker Edison Furniture Company Vintage Metal Iron Pipe Bed. It’s affordable, beautiful, and offers a vintage design to improve the landscape of your room. A timeless design like this one will last as long as the powder-coated iron, and you can pick from two different colors and sizes. Give your bedroom a makeover with a gorgeous and timeless material ready to save you money and take away the maintenance element from your bed so you can just sleep without any worries.

If you need more inspiration before you buy an iron bed frame, watch this video: