Finding the right futon mattress can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not as difficult as you think, and we are here to help. We found the best options for the best prices and compiled the top ten choices to make your life easier. First, let’s discuss the benefits of a futon before getting on with the line-up of options.

In Japan, the world for bed is Futon, and they are the inventors of this now a standard piece of furniture in America. Back in Japan, the people sleep on a thinner roll-up mattress or a futon. As the Japanese live in tiny spaces and need dual functioning furniture like a couch that converts into a bed, like a futon.

Futon mattress comes with foam, cotton batting, and innerspring coils to serve as both the box spring and the mattress with less space used up. These style mattresses can fold in half to serve as a seat and back for a couch when you place it on a frame. It also functions as a bed either on the frame or on the floor, depending on your needs.

Cost is another factor in purchasing a futon as you get a couch and a bed in one for a fraction of the cost of a bed set or a sofa. A futon can provide a couch in a spare room or a media room, and then when you have guests over, the couch can transform into a sleeping space. They are perfect for smaller spaces or even a dorm. Now that you know what futons are and why they are useful, let’s move on with the show.

Best Futon Mattresses

These are our picks for the best futon mattresses:

1. Mozaic Queen Size 12″ Thick Futon Mattress

The Mozaic Futon Mattress offers you options, but no matter what you pick, you get a 12-inch thick futon ready to give you or a guest a restful night of sleep. First, you need to pick the queen-size mattress color of your choice, and you have tons of choices. From grays, blues, and brown, you can find the neutral color you need to coordinate with your living space.

Good sleep comes from padding, and this mattress has plenty! It’s filled with polyester, foam, cotton fiber, and polyester all inside a durable cover made of upholstery-grade polyester. Add in lace-tufting to help give the mattress a sofa-like appearance, and you are ready to sit or sleep as you wish.

The 60 x 80 x 12-inch mattress is ready to sit on a futon frame of your choice and add a little weight to your living room as it weighs 79 pounds. You do need a queen-size futon, so make sure you have the right size before purchasing. Now any room in your home can become a guest room. The only downfall of this futon mattress is the slightly high price, but it’s a small sacrifice for 12-inch of comfortable padding.

2. Nirvana Futons Premier Pocket Coil 10-Inch Full Futon Mattress

Want a different color futon mattress with a little pizazz? Try the Nirvana Futon Mattress as it comes fun color options and a beautiful cushiony design. Although, you need to pick your size first, and you get tons of options from a twin, twin xl, full, queen, chair, ottoman, and love seat. You can fill your entire room with futons of different sizes and colors for as many guests as you need.

Next, you can also pick from some snazzy colors, including green, black, browns, blues, reds, and even white. The mattress is all made right here in America and ready to provide tons of cushioned mattress goodness for your living space. Also, the mattress is full of high-quality foam and poly-cotton fill with individually wrapped pocket coils for strength and durability.

Patterned tufts keep the twill mattress cover structurally safe as it prevents the material from shifting and lumping. The mattress measures 54 x 75 x 10 inches for tons of soft to medium support. Finally, the mattress comes with a three-year warranty against defect and workmanship. It also meets fire safety standards too.

3. Sofas 2 Go 8″ Pocketed Coil Visco Innerspring Futon Mattress

The Sofas 2 Go Futon Mattress offers some unique value not found in many futon mattresses. Not only does the 8-inch mattress use individually wrapped coils for support and longevity, but also a few other layers, including memory foam, to give you or your guests comfort and support. A hybrid mattress offers a cloud-like feel along with support for those with back issues.

Underneath the extra soft microfiber cover, find a layer of viscoelastic memory foam along with a few other layers to make sure you never feel the coils on your back while still get an extra weight-bearing mattress with hundreds of coils tightly packed. The full-size mattress also includes 18 tufts to keep the mattress in place and a knife-edge construction for a sleek modern look.

An anti-slip bottom panel to keep the mattress from sliding around the futon frame. You can pick from three neutral colors, including ash brown, indigo, biscuit tan to suit your decor style. The mattress measures 75 x 54 x 8 inches and 49 pounds for tons of support and room for anyone to sleep on for a quality night of sleep.

4. Classic Brands Classic Black 8-Inch Futon Mattress

Classic Brands Futon Mattress offers a high-quality product for a low price ready to fit into any budget. You only get the pick of full-size, but you can pick between black or brown fabric to coordinate with any decor style or color scheme. It’s perfect for people who don’t want tons of tufts in the mattress as this one only has a few to keep the layers in place but not a majorly take over the design of a room or the futon.

On the outside, you get a sturdy and soft microfiber polyester cover. Next, you get layers of foam sandwiching a layer of individually wrapped coils to serve as an innerspring system ready to hand anything except a pair of scissors. This mattress is durable and even resists wear and tear as long as you take good care of it over the years.

Use a damp cloth to wash the cover or get a mattress protector for an easier to clean option. The 8-inch thick mattress fits any standard futon frame or even a bed frame if you prefer. Finally, the 54 x 75 x 8-inch mattress weighs 63 pounds providing a supportive topper for guests to enjoy a good night’s sleep in your home.

5. Blazing Needles Tranquil Rest 10″ Microsuede Futon Mattress

The Blazing Needles Tranquil Rest Futon Mattress offers an exceptional full-sized mattress. It comes with 10-inches of thickness for a whole lot of comfort. Pick from some fun and neutral colors, including teal, greens, browns, oranges, black, yellow, and red suede for a tailored fit into your home.

The mattress measures 75 x 54 x 10-inches with a cushy innerspring and cotton batting design for lasting support and comfort. All this, along with the sleek tufted design, enhances your home while also providing a guest bed for visitors. It’s also perfect for dorms and small apartments. The mattress also weighs a healthy 66 pounds to support anyone who needs to sleep on the mattress.

Last of all, the vibrant colors also come with 357 coils for maximum support and microsuede fabric to save money. The price on this mattress makes it a great choice for any budget. If you have a futon frame and just need a new mattress, this one will definitely do what you need with both cushiony softness and style.

6. Home Life 8-Inch Premium Futon Mattress

The Home Life Premium Futon Mattress doesn’t come with a lot of options, but it comes with a nice price and tufting for a quality mattress. With 8-inches of padding, you get comfort and still get space for sitting when the futon is in a couch form. It also includes a microfiber dark chocolate mattress cover ready to enhance your decor.

If you have a full-size futon, then you are in the right place as this is a full-size mattress. The product itself offers both foam and polyester layering with coils for comfort and support. Not just any coils but 522 independent, 15-gauge pocket coils encased for the best comfort for you or a guest no matter how much weight they add to the mattress.

The mattress weighs a mid-range 60 pounds and measures 53 x 75 x 8-inches just right for one person to sleep with tons of space or two to sleep with cozy space. It can fit into just about any decor depending on the frame you choose and makes a great addition to tiny-living. It’s lower on the list because the quality isn’t as high as our top choice.

7. Kodiak Full-Size Futon Mattress w/ 8 Inch Innerspring in Suede

If you are looking for a new flip mattress, the Kodiak Futon Mattress might be the right fit for your home. It offers a sleek, modern design with only eight tuffs to keep the fabric in place. It also folds well for easy use as a couch by day and a bed by night.

With this mattress, you get active support technology coils with an insulator pad containing 1.5 inches of high-density foam and 20 pounds of lofted cotton for complete comfort for a good night of sleep every night. The mattress meets CSPS flammability standards.

All this with 276 coils with 13 gauge springs encased in a full-size mattress that measures 75 x 54 x 8 inches and a weight of 60 pounds. You also get a navy blue suede cover to add to the appeal. Enjoy a modern mattress for your current futon frame and provide a place for guests to sleep or enjoy in a smaller living space.

8. DHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

The DHP Futon Mattress adds tons of beauty to your home for a very low price for a full-sized futon mattress. With this mattress, you get both foam and coils inside of an 8-inch thick mattress ready to add to any futon frame you have in your home or dorm. It comes with several color options too from red, brown, blue, and a few more.

Inside the fabric cover, you can find a few layers of foam and polyester covering up coils to provide optimal support and comfort. On top, you get a gorgeous tufted microfiber cover. The mattress measures 75 x 54 x 8-inches and weighs 59 pounds for a strong supportive base for your guests or evening in your living room.

The best part is the foam in the mattress is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP, flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, lead, and heavy metals. Basically, no bad chemicals in your mattress, including VOC’s so you get quality air and a top-notch mattress. All this with a trendy design that saves you space and money. Now you just need to find a futon frame.

9. Gold Bond Double Foam & Cotton Futon Mattress

If you are looking for a more rustic look, try the Gold Bond Futon Mattress ready to improve your living or bedroom. It only comes in a twin XL size, but you can get it in leather! Pick from either medium or dark brown leather to enhance your decor to a new level for a lodge type feel even from a futon.

Not a fan of leather or have big dogs? Then pick from several festive shades of microfiber. Either way, this mattress measures 39 x 80 x 8-inches and brings a spare bedroom into your home. Of course, if you live in a tiny house or a small apartment, the 8-inch thick mattress is ready to be your bed by night and your couch by day.

The mattress is made of both foam and cotton and provides a medium-firm surface ready to hold anyone who needs to sleep on the high-quality mattress. It weighs a heavy-duty 52 pounds for support. Thanks to the use of bonded leather, you get a more respectable but high price and easier to maintain mattress, ready to have your guests exclaiming over the beauty of the tufted mattress. Enjoy an elegant and comfortable futon mattress with top-quality material for a long life.

10. Cotton Cloud Natural Alberta Style Queen Size Futon

The Cotton Cloud Alberta Futon comes in every size you can imagine and a few others! From twin to California king and a few sizes for chairs, ottomans, and loveseat-sized too, you can find exactly what you need for your space. For this introduction, we will focus on the queen size.

Those who care about the environment will love that the mattress comes filled with 100% natural cotton fiber, and CertiPur-US foam. You get the best of both worlds in regards to comfort. The mattress is also only 6-inches deep, which can be either good or bad, depending on your needs. It may not offer as much cushioning but doesn’t take as much space on the sofa, which some prefer.

A few tufting stitches keep the foam and fiber from moving around too much and keep the mattress alive longer. As this is an expensive mattress, you will definitely want a long life and value. It’s handcrafted right here in the USA, meaning you are supporting the local economy and getting a fabulous mattress in the process.

Finally, the mattress weighs only 48 pounds meaning you get support without overloading your bed frame with mattress and human weight. It measures queen size at 80 x 60 x 6-inches perfect for the queen-sized frame of your choice. One area of concern is the mattress comes in a light khaki cover, which isn’t a great option for kids or dogs as it can stain and show easily.

Futon Mattress Purchase Guide

Now that you have looked at all of the best futon options, you have a better feel of what you want. If you haven’t made a decision, take a look at the different factors of a futon to help you better decide what you need. We even answer a few of your questions for you too so you can make the best choice possible.

Like mattresses, futons come in multiple sizes, but the main sizes are full and queen size because they are big enough to serve as two-seater couches and provide enough space for up to people to sleep comfortably. You can also find twin size, twin xl, a chair size, and occasionally a king-size for larger guests. The size you choose depends not just on who will be using the futon, but also on the space you have available for a couch.

If you live in a dorm, you will probably only have space for a full-size futon, but it provides a place to sit and study and then later a place to sleep. Those who live in a house who plan to put a futon in a basement, a spare room, a media room, or even in a living room, you could probably use a queen or king size for more space for your guests. Trust us, a futon is much more comfortable than an air mattress if you don’t have the space for a permanent guest bed.


As with most items with fabric these days, most of the futon covers come with a microfiber made of polyester. Although you can still purchase cotton if you prefer a more breathable fabric. Futons can also include leather covers and twill. All of these are great choices and depend on the person as to which is a better choice.

Internally, futons come with layers of foam or batting and inner coils. The best options use a mixture of all three for the best comfort. You should also look for individually covered coils in the middle sandwiched between layers of foam or cotton to prevent getting poked by a wayward coil in the middle of the night.

The coils provide the structure and support you need, and the cotton and foam provide breathable comfort. A couple of options use memory foam to provide more cloud-like comfort, although memory foam tends to cause extra heat, so if you want memory foam and a futon, you may want to consider a gel-infused memory foam mattress topper instead to provide comfort and coolness.

Comfort & Support

Futons make very comfortable couches as you are essentially sitting on a mattress. You also get a cushiony soft place to sleep. Thanks to the coils, back sufferers can achieve quality supportive sleep as well.

As sleeping on a mattress is closest to sleeping on the floor, you will get better body alignment for a stress-relieving night of sleep. Make sure to buy a quality mattress like the ones above with tufting to keep the internal parts of the mattress from shifting around and becoming uncomfortable.


Futons look like a couch because they function as a couch. The style does not appeal to everyone, but that’s mainly because they are painted as dorm furniture. You can pick your colors and even change the cover if you find the color no longer suits your need. Everything about a futon speaks of modern despite its long tradition in Japan, besides you can just add a different frame and a few pillows for a completely different look.


The cost is one of the greatest advantages to a futon besides shifting from a bed to a couch in just a few seconds. If you were to buy a traditional bed, you could spend thousands in no time at all between the mattress, box spring, frame, and the headboard and footboard. That’s not even including the bedding.

A couch cost around half a grand or up to the thousands of dollars ranges depending on your style and budget. With a futon, you get both for the cost of just one or less! The frame usually costs a couple of hundred as does the mattress, which means you can easily get a futon for under half a grand while reducing the space taken up in your home.

Most people are happy with their futon after their purchase. This video talks about owning a futon for 2 years, and their thoughts on it:

Questions About Futon Mattresses

How do I wash a futon mattress?

Futon mattresses do not usually come with a removable cover. Therefore you will need to purchase a cover or protector for the mattress if you are concerned about the mattress getting dirty. You also have the option of using a sheet on a futon, but it will not look as nice as a cover designed for the purpose. You can also spot treat any stains on a futon.

The best bet if you decide to forgo a cover, you may want to avoid eating and drinking on a futon. Also, consider if you will allow pets or children on the futon. If the answer is yes, you may need to consider a mattress cover.

Are futon mattresses heavy?

Yes, futon mattresses are heavy because of the innerspring. Wire or steel springs add weight but also support extra weight too. Make sure you get a mattress frame that can support the mattress and the weight of people who will be sleeping on the futon. The cotton and foam batting do not add massive amounts of weight but do contribute to the roughly fifty-pound weight of a futon mattress.

How long will a futon mattress last?

If you use a futon every day, you will need to replace the mattress in around five and ten years. However, in-frequent usage means you can expand the life of the futon to a couple of decades. Quality materials will last longer than low-quality mattresses, and the frame makes a difference too.

Final Thoughts About Futon Mattresses

The Mozaic Queen Size 12″ Thick Futon Mattress offers everything you could need in a futon mattress. First, it comes in several colors to coordinate with your decor. It also uses quality materials for a beautiful sofa-like appearance. But the best part of this futon mattress is 12 inches of padding and box spring for a more bed-like experience. Both you or your guests can get a wonderful night of sleep with back support on this comfortable mattress just add a frame.