Comforters are often thought of as something that you’d only need in colder climates or during winter. However, they are useful and comfy no matter where you live or what time of year it is!

Among all of them, down comforters are thought of as the best, and for a good reason – they’re the warmest and the comfiest of the bunch.

They’re also lightweight and breathable – qualities that make them good year-round and not just during the long winter months. Whenever you want to feel like you’re sleeping while wrapped in a cloud, a down comforter is there for you!

The word “down” refers to the undercoat of a bird, lined with soft fluffy feathers that are light but provide amazing insulation. They don’t have hard quills in them, and you won’t even know they’re there – you just feel the fluffy goodness.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of every aspect you need to consider when buying a down comforter and give you our reviews of the best models we could find on the market today.

But, before we move on to that, here’s a chart with the most crucial info about the top five products we picked.

Our Top Five Goose Down Comforters

Basic Beyond Comforter (Queen)Editor’s Choice

C& W Goose Down ComforterRunner Up

Natural Comfort White Goose ComforterBudget Pick

ROSECOSE Goose Down Comforter

Siberian Goose Down Comforter

Let’s see what’s essential for a down comforter to have in order to be considered as best. We listed the features by importance, and elaborated how you should consider these when making a decision.

The Fill Power

The fill power of a down comforter refers to the amount of space that one ounce of down takes up in the comforter. The higher it is, the more space it takes up, simple as that.

But what does that mean in practical terms, you might ask?

Well, the higher the fill power is, the higher the loft of the comforter because the down clusters inside it are larger. This also means the mattress will be softer and provide you with better insulation. The comforter will also be lighter.

Higher fill power also means more durability. It will stay soft and retain its loft for longer, looking as good as new even after a lot of use.

Be aware that higher fill power also means less breathability – if you sweat a lot while sleeping, getting a comforter with highest fill power available is probably not the right call.

That’s about all that fill power does. There are some misconceptions about it though, and that’s because people often confuse it with the next aspect we’re going to talk about.

The Fill Weight

Lots of people confuse fill weight with fill power, but they are not the same thing at all. The most common misconception is that comforters with higher fill power will be firmer – they won’t. They will be firmer if they have a higher fill weight, however.

Fill weight refers to the number of ounces of down that a comforter contains. As it goes up, so does the warmth and the firmness of the comforter.

It’s as simple as that.

The Thread Count

However, the inside of a comforter is not the only important aspect – the outside casing is meaningful as well. It affects the warmth and the longevity of the comforter more than you might think.

The easiest way to determine the quality of the casing is its thread count – the number of threads per one square inch.

The higher the thread count is, the finer and more luxurious the fabric – but not necessarily better.

  • 100 to 150 – the lowest thread counts, not necessarily bad, but not too durable.
  • 200 – already considered high-quality.
  • above 400 – are considered luxurious, and they can go over 1000 in extremely expensive fabrics

However, for the purposes of a comforter, a thread count between 230 and 500 is considered to be the best. This allows the fabric to be tightly woven and “down-proof” – meaning that your down has a lower chance of poking through it.

The Construction Type

The thread count isn’t the only way to determine the quality of your comforter’s casing – the way it was constructed and stitched together is equally important.

There are many different construction types, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll only tell you about the most prominent ones.

  • Baffle Box – The name comes from the fabric strips used in this type of stitching, known as baffles. They are sewn in between the top and bottom layer of the comforter and create small compartments for the down filling. This way, the down is less likely to spill and can more easily expand to its full size, giving the comforter more fluff and improving insulation.
  • Sewn Through Box Stitch – The bottom and top layers of the comforter are stitched together with a box-like stitch to avoid the shifting of down and
  • Ring Stitch – The top and bottom layers are sewn together in circles, allowing for the down to shift within the comforter.
  • Diamond Quilted – Similar to the box stitch, but in a criss-cross pattern, resembling diamond shapes.

The 5 Best Goose Down Comforters 

1. ROSECOSE Luxurious Lightweight Goose Down Comforter

As soon as you lay your eyes upon this comforter, you can tell how luxurious it is – it’s not just any comforter, it’s special.

The first thing you might notice is a shell made completely out of cotton – no synthetic materials here. It’s also hypo-allergenic, ensuring that anyone can sleep in it.

What makes it especially luxurious is the amazing thread count of 1200. The way the material feels in your hands is something special. Of course, that does make it a bit more sensitive, but the down proof stitching ensures that it’s durable enough.

The insulation is great due to the quality goose down and 750 fill power combined with a fill weight of 33 ounces. However, due to the way it’s stitched, it remains breathable and usable year-round.

To top it all off, the price is decent as well – you get good quality without breaking the bank.


What do the users say?

For the most part, user experiences with this comforter are highly positive. The best thing about it, as most point out, is that it’s lightweight while also being incredibly warm with a great feel.

It has also received praise from customers living in both hot and cold regions, while others speak about using it year-round, praising its versatility. There’s a definite focus on the breathability in some reviews, with customers that usually ‘sleep hot’ noting that they don’t sweat as much under this comforter.

While most users also praise the comfort it provides, some note that it doesn’t feel like they would expect a comforter with a 1200 thread count should feel.

There seems to be a consensus about the fact that the fabric crinkles and makes a lot of noise, far more than similar comforters do. There are both positive and negative reviews that make a note of this.


  • Usable year-round
  • High thread count and a great feel
  • Lightweight and easy to sleep in
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Resistant to down spillage


  • Crinkles and makes lots of noise
  • Doesn’t fluff up a lot


This is an incredibly luxurious and high-quality comforter – that much is clear. However, even the best products are not without a few crinkles. The flaws that this comforter have will be insignificant to most, but will surely annoy some people a lot. Luckily, returns are possible so it will cost you next to nothing to just try it out and see how it fits you.

2. Natural Comfort Classic White Goose Feather Comforter

The first thing you might notice about this comforter has nothing to do with how it looks or feels – it’s the price. The main thing this comforter can offer is affordability. However, that doesn’t mean it’s much lower in quality than others.

The reason it’s more affordable than most is something you wouldn’t notice straight away – the filling is only 5% white goose down while the rest is soft white goose feathers.

If you look at the outer shell of the comforter, you might notice that it wasn’t skimped on either. It has a thread count of only 233, but the material is 100% cotton and free of synthetics.

The fill power can’t be determined, however, since the filling is mostly soft feathers rather than down – the same goes for fill weight. It’s good at insulation however and has a decent loft, but it’s hard to put numbers on that.


What do the users say?

The positive that customers focus on is definitely the relatively low price combined with the great warmth that it provides. That’s something everything seems to agree on, even those that gave the product the most negative reviews. Some even go as far as to say that it’s the warmest comforter they’ve owned.

For some, though, this is a negative – those that sleep hot or those in warmer climates. Otherwise, this shouldn’t be a significant problem and is one of the best upsides of this product.

Most of the reviewers also agree that this is quite a light, surprisingly lofty and durable comforter. One reviewer even claims that he’s been using it for years without it showing any signs of flattening.

However, another thing that most reviewers seem to agree on is the loud noise that the shell makes. For some, it seems to be unbearable and warrants giving the product one star, while others still give it five stars despite this problem as it seems to be less significant for them.

The stitching also receives some praise, since it’s resistant enough to not allow the feathers to poke through and barely any customers even noticed that this is not a full down comforter.


  • Amazingly affordable price
  • Looks great and holds a good loft
  • The stitching is durable, and the filling doesn’t spill
  • Exceptionally warm
  • Lighter than most other comforters


  • Only 5% goose down
  • Low thread count
  • The shell makes a lot of noise


For a lower-priced down comforter, it’s more than great since it provides everything you might want – comfort, warmth and durability, all at a low price. It even looks as good as more expensive products. However, if you’re a stickler for details and want a true down comforter or are annoyed by the noise it makes, it’s not the right choice. Otherwise, this might be the perfect comforter, especially if you’re on a budget.

3. C&W Luxurious King/California King Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter

If luxury is what you want, this is a product that aims to provide that in spades. When you think about the comforters that you find inside expensive hotel rooms that you get to sleep in maybe once every two years, this is what’s on your mind.

The covering is made from exquisite Egyptian cotton with a 1200 thread count giving it a silky feel that’s second to none. The filling is made out of premium goose down with a fill power of 750 or more and a fill weight of amazing 70 ounces. 


Because of all these great features, it ends up being quite expensive, but the price seems justified.

The baffle box design that the manufacturer chose keeps the filling evenly distributed at all times and improves insulation, further adding to the value of this comforter.

What do the users say?

When you go and read the user experiences concerning this comforter, the first thing you inevitably come across is people praising its incredibly great feel. With phrases like “too good to be true” or “the best comforter, I’ve ever owned” being bandied about.

The high price is a sticking point to some, but others have pointed out that it’s actually a bargain – comforters like this tend to cost twice or three times more than this one does.

The look is also something that customers consistently mention in their reviews – saying that it looks perfect on their beds, that they regret using a duvet cover with it and so on.

One thing that some customers seem to dislike is that it weighs a bit more than the average comforter, but some seem to like the added weight combined with the fluff. Due to that, it’s only a negative to some.

The worst thing about it, as most agree, is the strong smell that remains for too long. Some have even gone as far as giving it one star because of that, but some five-star reviews mention it as well – so for some, it’s not such a huge problem.


  • Amazing, high-quality feel
  • Great fill power and fill weight
  • Looks great on any sort of bed
  • Warm at all times of the year
  • Stays fluffy for a long time


  • Long-lasting nasty smell
  • More expensive than most
  • Weighs more than the average


It’s not difficult to see that this is a high-quality, top-end comforter at a consumer price. While it’s not affordable to everyone, it’s still within most people’s budget and the luxurious feel is something that can’t be matched and it warms you up better than most comforters. There are some problems with it, mostly the terrible smell, but if you can get over that, it’s a joy to own.

4. Basic Beyond Lightweight Down Comforter (Queen)

You might not notice it on the pictures, but this comforter is true to its name, and it’s amazingly lightweight, weighing in at only 5 pounds. With that kind of weight it will fit anywhere, and if you want something that won’t make you feel trapped during the night, it’s perfect.

With that kind of weight, you might think it’s not as warm as heavier comforter’s, but that’s where you’d be wrong. The great fill power combined with the box stitching design allows it to warm you up as much as heavier comforters do.


The manufacturing process also allows it to stay fluffy for a long time, even if you use it every night.

While it’s among the top end of comforters, it’s great for the price, and it’s difficult to find a better deal than this.

What do the users say?

As expected, most of the customers, even the most negative ones, mentioned the low weight and extreme fluffiness as positives, highly praising the comforter because of that. One reviewer even mentioned that he has never seen a lighter comforter.

The warmth is also something that almost no reviewer fails to mention, though some do mention it as a negative. However, most people praise it and recommend it for use in all seasons.

The main sore point is the smell it has, which refuses to go away. Even people who gave it one star because of this problem, however, praise the other aspects and one even said that he would give it five stars if it wasn’t for the smell. To some, it’s not a huge problem, but to others, it’s a deal-breaker.

Some also mention the low quality of the outer shell, but those seem to be isolated problems found on only a few products.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Stays fluffy for a long time
  • Warms you up incredibly well
  • The price is great


  • Some products have a low-quality outer shell
  • The smells sticks for a while


For the price, this is an amazing deal. It’s a comforter for those who are not on a tight budget but don’t want to overspend, and it works well. The insulation is amazing, and the weight and fluffiness can compare to even the top-rated comforters available. If it wasn’t for the smell, it wouldn’t have many weak points at all.

5. LUXURIOUS Full/Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter

Here we have another exceptionally luxurious product from a manufacturer that specializes in making products out of Egyptian cotton – this one is no different.

The outer cover is made out of 100% Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 1200, giving it an incredibly silky and soft feel. It also makes it almost soundless while you sleep, something that can’t be said for most comforters.

This is combined with a filling made from Siberian goose down with 750 fill power and 50 ounces of fill weight. The filling is partitioned with baffle box stitching to ensure that none of the down gets out or shifts around too much. The double needle stitch reinforces the overall construction.

It’s made to be usable year-round, but that’s not always true with these kinds of comforters, especially if you’re living in warmer climates.


What do the users say?

The Egyptian cotton is a surefire hit with most people, and here it’s not different – lots of reviewers are praising the outer casing of the comforter. Despite the large thread count, not all of the praise is focused just on the comfort and feel though – there’s also tons of praise for the tightness of the weave and durability.

However, such great construction and high thread count can prove to be a double-edged sword. While some customers praise it to high heavens for how warm it is others berate it for the lack of breathability and claim that it’s too warm, even when it’s cold outside.

Some reviewers also complained about the non-standard size – 90 by 90 inches is not a good fit for their queen-size beds. Make sure to check the size before you buy it, though the return policy is great and you can make use of it. That’s also something often praised by reviewers.

There are also some minor complaints here and there, mostly about it lacking a way to connect with a duvet cover, but those are minor issues.


  • Tight and durable weave
  • Extremely high thread count
  • Great insulation
  • Made out of 100% Egyptian cotton


  • A bit too heavy
  • Not breathable enough
  • List Element


This is a high-quality product made out of incredible materials; there’s no doubt about that. However, that alone doesn’t mean that it will fit everyone. Some choice in the construction of this comforter have their negatives, especially the high thread count combined with the tight weave – it provides lots of warmth, but it’s definitely not usable year-round. Take note of that when buying it.

Final Verdict

Well, as always, the winner depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a reliable budget pick, the Natural Comfort product is the obvious choice. 

On the other hand, if you want something extremely luxurious and you want to treat yourself, the C&W comforter will be your pick.

However, something that’s good in almost all situations and has decent quality and good warmth at an acceptable price is the best in our opinion, and the Basic Beyond Lightweight Comforter provides that in spades.