The daily routine can be a grind. Hurrying to college, demanding bosses, grumpy coworkers, and strict deadlines are just a few things that get us bogged down. After a long week, it may be time for a camping trip to areas surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

Camping requires several pieces of equipment: flashlights, cooking supplies, tents, fire starters, and of course, good company. The most significant part of camping, however, is falling asleep, since the reason you go camping is to relax, especially after a day of exploration and adventure. It would be unfortunate to have an uncomfortable night due to trying to sleep on a hard, cold, or wet surface.

It’s important to bring a mattress once you go camping to ensure a comfortable and peaceful rest. So, rest assured that you are about to find some of the best air mattresses for camping. They are comfy and help perfect the outdoor camping experience by ensuring that you’re comfortable while gazing at the stars.

Best Camping Air Mattresses

1. Comfort Self Inflating Camping Mattress

What’s good?
Lightweight, easy to transport
Great for winter and extreme conditions
To take note
Might require manual inflation because the self-inflating pump only fills the mattress with about 80% of air.

This single air bed is a staple for any camper that wants the comfort of a good night’s sleep anywhere. The added convenience of being able to set up and pack up in minutes is a bonus. At 1.7kg with its carry bag, it is stress-free to stash or carry around.

The dimensions of the camping air bed when inflated are, 190 x 65 x 4.5 cm, but while this mattress may only be 4.5cm off the ground, many users could still attest to its comfort. The Comfort Mattress offers a flat non-slip surface for sleeping with thermoplastic polyurethane and polyester covering, it offers guaranteed comfort and temperature control. The R-value is 5.2 so it is suitable for camping in winter and extreme weather conditions.

What the reviews say:

“Got these for the kids for camping, they slept well and were comfortable all night. Easy to pack up too”

Kathryn, December 2021.

2. Coleman Queen Double High Air Bed

What’s good?
Large size with 300kg load capacity
1-year warranty available
To take note
The pump is sold separately

The Coleman Queen Double High Air Bed will have you feeling like you are sleeping on a cloud. Made with durable PVC on a rayon flocked surface, this was made for maximum comfort and durability. With a double high foundation that brings the bed height to 45cm (17.7 inches), you and your camping party will be well insulated from the cold and the elements.

A good night’s rest requires a stable mattress. This Queen size bed with a load capacity of 300kg will ensure that the mattress doesn’t move or slide around when you toss and turn in your sleep. And finally, the “wrap n’ roll” features allows you to pack up and move in no time.


What the reviews say:

“I love the way it rolls up and is easy to carry. The double-height is perfect for me as I have arthritis and I don’t have to scramble off the floor. ”

Laura B, December 2021.

“This bed is very comfy for camping and fits nicely in a three-man tent or bigger.”

Tamsen D, December 2021.

3. Coleman All-Terrain Queen Double High Air bed

What’s good?
Large size with 363kg load capacity
1-year warranty available
To take note
The pump is sold separately

This Queen bed is an upgraded version of the Coleman Queen Double High Air Bed. This inflatable air bed has been made more durable with a puncture guard bonded fabric. Coleman produced a bed that is lighter in weight, more durable, and with better weight support. This new and improved air bed provides maximum comfort regardless of terrain or weather.

You and your campers can enjoy firm support on this air bed and sleep comfortably without rolling into each other.


What the reviews say:

“Wow, what an amazing airbed, so strong, so robust and holds air all night long. I am 7ft tall and 160kg, my first night on this bed with my wife and there was no loss of air and most amazingly there were no complaints from my wife that she was uncomfortable. Would highly recommend the product. And as usual, the service from Tentworld was out excellent. Super fast delivery in a time of high pressure. Well done”

Robert M, January 2021.

4. Coleman All-Terrain XL Single Air bed

What’s good?
Lightweight at only 2kg
1-year warranty available
To take note
The pump is sold separately

Just like the Coleman All-Terrain Queen Double High Air bed, this is fortified with puncture guard bonded fabric and laminated PVC for extra durability and support. This bed stands 20cm high so it is great for smaller tents or more compact sleeping areas. the “wrap ‘n’ roll” built-in system with have you packed and ready to go on a new adventure in record time.


What the reviews say:

“Don’t lose any air. The size is great, can roll around without rolling off. The materials feel much more durable than the cheaper ones but are I used for a week. Time will tell.”

Raymond G, January 2021.

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5. Luxury Bestway Air Bed Queen Inflatable Mattress Foam Top

What’s good?
Built-in pump with 5-minute inflation time.
Max load capacity of 300kg
Firm support without the ‘“water bed” feel of some air beds
To take note
Heavier than most camping mats at 13kg

Bestway air beds are known for their comfort and reliability. With a sturdy I-beam construction and built-in electric pump, this quality air bed is comfortable and easy to use. When inflated, it stands at 202cm long, 152cm wide, and 46cm tall, covered with a foam top, it provides firm support and temperature control.


What the reviews say:

This airbed was fabulous for visitors over Xmas. They found it really comfortable to sleep on. I did put an overlay as well. So easy to put up. As a spare bed great value and Convenience. Delivered in days.”

Paul, January 2022.

6. Intex DuraBeam Inflatable Queen Air bed

What’s good?
Battery-powered pump
The maximum load capacity is 273kg
1-year warranty
To take note
Does not include a repair kit in the package

Dura-Beam air beds are made with Intex’s patented Fiber-Tech Interior Construction. These are strong but ultralight made up of thousands of polyester fibres enhanced for support, durability, and comfort. Additionally, it has an integrated battery inflation system that inflates it in 3 minutes. With 4 AA batteries, you can pump your air bed multiple times without having to look for an AC power source. The built-in pressure adjuster allows you to customize the firmness of your air bed to your unique needs.

When inflated it is 203 x 152 x 25cm. There is ample space for you to toss and turn without sinking in or rolling off.

What the reviews say:

“It was great! Comfortable and durable as well. Great value for the price!”

FaiyazR, November 2021

7. Trek 700 Long Trekking Air Mattress

What’s good?
Lightweight and portable
Waterproof and non-slip
To take note
Requires mouth inflation
Not ideal for temperatures below 8℃. R-value is 1.6.

If you are a hiker or trekker, you can’t have a heavy backpack weighing you down every step of the way. This inflatable air mattress is the picture of portability. it weighs only 510 grams and it can be folded into a carry bag the size of a 2-litre water bottle. While this may not scream high luxury, it is a practical blow-up mattress for people who like to keep their adventures simple and stick to essentials.

Inflation is by mouth, with a pump sack or foot pump but the 2-way inflation valve prevents air from leaking out between breaths. At 108 x 52 x 5.5cm, this air bed provides thick enough comfort for a good night’s sleep.

What the reviews say:

“I have been using it for around 6 months. Very comfortable, air pressure remains same for very long time, no need to refill air frequently. For cold places, using thin yoga mat below does the trick. Very light and compact. Easy to inflate amd deflate and pack.”

Devesh Singh, May 2021.

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it, our top 7 air mattresses for camping for every budget. Even though camping mattresses are extremely comfortable, you may want to consider that a lightweight sleeping bag can be a good alternative. At the very least, you could get away with a camping hammock…It just depends on how light or heavy you plan to pack!

Happy camping.

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