The daily routine can be a grind. Hurrying to college, demanding bosses, grumpy coworkers and strict deadlines are just a few things that gets us bogged down. After a long week, it may be time for a camping trip, to areas surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

Camping requires several pieces of equipment: flashlights, cooking supplies, tents, fire starters, and of course good company. The most significant part camping, however, is being able to fall asleep, since the reason you went camping is to relax, especially after a day of exploration and adventure. It would be unfortunate to have an uncomfortable night due to trying to sleep on a surface that is hard, cold, or wet.

It’s important to bring a mattress once you go camping to ensure a comfortable and peaceful rest. So, rest assured that you are about to find some of the best air mattresses for camping. They are comfy and help perfect the outdoor camping experience by ensuring that you’re comfortable while gazing at the stars.

Best Camping Air Mattresses

1. Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Queen

The Downy Airbed is one of the most favored  among campers because of its large size, which gives you a fantastic fit if you would like to use fitted sheets on it. The mattress is made from vinyl, making it durable and strong. The vinyl outer layer also makes the mattress waterproof. It comes with approximately 20-gauge vinyl on top, 14-gauge vinyl beams and 15-gauge of vinyl covers the bottom. This ensures that no moisture can seep through the mattress. The top is soft, almost furry-like to the touch, and this makes the mattress comfortable. This mattress is lavish and therefore provides a gentle sleeping surface whilst also maintaining the bedding in place.
A characteristic of this Intex Classic Airbed is the existence of valves which makes it easy to inflate and deflate,  You can also purchase an electric air pump, which can be used to make life easier when inflating the mattres.

A pump is, however, not included in the bundle. Buy this pump if you want a cheap electric pump to go with this mattress.

The mattress is easy to wash as it merely requires wiping with a damp cloth with a touch of soap.

The Downy Airbed has a capacity of 600 lbs, and it’s also quite portable. Its dimensions are a length of 60 inches, a width of 80 inches, and a height of 8.75 inches. So it does not take up a lot of space, plus the mattress can be folded. It gets a thumbs up from us here at Sleep So Tight.

2. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Air Bed Mattress

The Lightspeed Outdoors air mattress is a great choice for camping. This is because it is an extremely durable, PVC-free inflatable mattress that’s made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), laminated with phthalate. These materials make certain that the mattress has a higher resistance to abrasions and will not give you any allergic reactions or irritations. 

Since TPU is a very light plastic, it makes the mattress compact and easy to carry. This mattress has a two-way Boston valve system. These valves ensure the mattress could be inflated and deflated according to how hard or soft you like to sleep, since the firmness of the mattress is dependent upon the amount of air you pump to it.

A good night’s rest requires a mattress that is stable, and this mattress has handles because of this. These handles make sure that the mattress doesn’t move or slide around when you toss and turn in your sleep. Lightspeed Outdoor Mattresses are all fitted with independent connectors between their top and bottom layers. These guarantee that the weight is evenly distributed.

The mattress is also portable. After the mattress is packed, its dimensions are 18.4 by 9.2 inches, and its actual size is 79 (l) x 55 (w) x 7 (h) in inches. It fits snugly in the bundled carry bag.

3. LUCID 3 Inch Folding Mattress

This is a unique, multipurpose mattress which can be utilized as a camping mattress, a chair or as a cushion. This is due to it’s clever tri-fold design. We wrote about this mattress previously, in our folding mattress review, where it was rated as one of the best folding mattresses, so naturally it scores highly in this review as well.

This 3-inch folding mattress is made of high-density foam which makes it soft and tough at the same time, which makes it very comfortable for a camping trip. It’s quite lightweight, weighing about 15 lbs, and so easy to transport around. Carrying the mattress is made considerably easier through the use of the attached handles.

It comes with a excellent warranty, 3 years for the mattress, and 1 year for the gel memory foam layer.

The foam is included in an outer waterproof cover that’s made from soft bamboo for comfort. It’s a non-slip bottom that prevents the mattress from moving when you toss and turn. The cover is zippered and can be cleaned and removed. To ensure the durability of the cover, machine washing is preferable, using warm water and a mild detergent. The cover should be tumbled dry on low heat.

4. Klymit Insulated Static V Lite Sleeping Pad

If you’ve ever wanted a portable mattress the size of a water bottle, then the Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad is for you.

The Klymit mattress epitomizes simplicity. Inflation of the mattress takes 10 to 15 breaths. The mattress includes a V-chamber layout that takes the form of your body and restricts air movement and heat loss when you toss and turn, which makes it very comfortable. 

This 18.6-ounce lightweight camping mat consists of 75D polyester, a substance that’s durable and offers great resistance against punctures, abrasions, and ripping, which are typical shortcomings of poor-quality camping equipment. Resistance is also created by its texture .

It has built-in side rails that protect you by making sure you do not roll off the mattress. The deep weld patterns on peak of the mattress keep you in close contact with the mattress, increasing heat.

The most unique feature of this Klymit Static V mattress is that it comprises an anti-bacterial laminate which inhibits the growth of germs that might cause bad odors or damage to the mattress.

As an added benefit, this mattress can also be used as a flotation device in a lake or swimming pool, just don’t try use it as a hanging chair like my friend did on our camping trip to the Outback!

5. Intex Inflatable Camping Mattress

With the Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress, You Don’t have to worry about packaging a pillow while camping. This mattress has an integrated pillow that’s inflated to offer you a comfortable spot for your head.

This mattress is made from a fabric that’s laminated with vinyl to make it lasting and allow it to withstand harsh outdoor conditions without tearing. Being  made from cloth, the mattress is quite mild, very portable, easy to fold, and very convenient to store away, as un-inflated, it takes up very little space.

The mattress is easily inflated with an air pump or by using your mouth, which could require a little longer.

Blowing up with your breath may require 25 minutes, but after inflating it, it may stay inflated for over three days. The mattress includes a wave beam construction which provides a uniform sleeping area. It weighs 3.2 lbs. Its dimensions are 72.5 inches in length, 60.75 inches in height, and 26.5 inches in diameter.

Besides using to sleep when camping, it acts as a excellent pool flotation device since the vinyl makes it exceptionally waterproof.

6. Intex Raised Airbed

This twin airbed is an upgraded version of this Intex Classic Downy Airbed. It’s lighter in weight, and has a mid-rise height design. It’s made of vinyl with a dual layered wave beam inside, just like its sibling, the Downy which we featured earlier in this review.

This airbed has built-in cushions for comfort. Additionally, it has an integrated pump that inflates it in 3 minutes. You will want to re-inflate it after a couple of days of usage because vinyl tends to expand during its first inflation. 

The Intex raised airbed has a height of 16.5 inches from the ground when fully inflated. This makes it a lot more comfortable than the Downy Airbed, but also taller.

Keep it’s raised height in mind if you plan to place this inside a compact tent.

It has a capacity of 300 lbs, and it weighs 11.5 lbs. The mattress’ dimensions when inflated are a width of 39 inches, a height of 16.5 inches, and a length of 75 inches. It has a shoulder strap for easy folding, an AC power cable for its built-in pump, and a carry bag for storage and easy transportation. It rolls up so small you can take it along on a bicycle camping trip!

7. King Camp DELUXE Self-Inflating Camping Pad

This is a special piece of camping gear which comes with a self inflating pump. The KingCamp camping pad has a unique feature as it inflates itself after you open the valves. The mattress is quite easy to inflate, and it only takes two minutes to blow up it . This mattress is constructed of 190T polyester. It’s light, waterproof, puncture-resistant, and did we mention self-inflatable? 🙂 It is comfortable and exudes a feeling of premium quality. 

It’s made of 100% polyester, which makes it comfy, soft, tough, and durable. Polyester also happens to be environmentally-friendly. The pad is waterproof and comes with a Oxford carrying bag for easy transport, compression straps for easy folding, and a repair kit in the event of damages.

After use, open the 2 valves and roll the mat to let the air . Then there’s still some air in it if the pad does not fit within its bag. Roll it until it is flat.

8. Etekcity Camping Portable Air Mattress with Rechargeable Pump

The Etekcity Camping Portable Air Mattress is a comfy option made from nontoxic 0.4 mm PVC material which makes the mattress very durable on any surface. The mattress, when fully inflated, is lifted 9 inches from the ground to stop you feeling cold on moist surfaces. On account of the mattress’ fabric, it isn’t heavy, and it is easy to carry around, due to the bundled carry bag.

It also comes with a 2-year guarantee, 1 year of which needs to be extended with your order number.

The Etekcity Portable Air Mattress is advertised as having updated seams to make sure that it doesn’t leak any air, which makes it airtight and, consequently, you won’t notice any noise due to air movement. 

The construction of this mattress is ideal and we found that the mattress neither lumps nor sinks. THis is similar to what we experienced with Etekcity’s inflatable chairs. More on that at

It has an electric pump which can be charged in your car or at home. The pump requires a few minutes to inflate the mattress. As a precaution, it’s a good idea to control the pump five hours prior to the use. When using an adapter, do not charge for over 5 hours after the initial use and if using a car charger, don’t charge it for over 3 hours.

9. Freeland Self Inflating Camping Pad

The second self-inflating camping pad on our list, and its a good one! The Freeland Self-Inflating Camping Pad is among the best budget camping choices you’ll find. It has its own cushion and is self-inflating. It’s constructed from 190T polyester cloth pongee. It’s tear-resistant, durable, and quite soft. As an added bonus, the mattress comes with 1.5 inches thick great quality open cell foam. 

This pad has air ducts which you can open to inflate it and shut when it is inflated at a firmness level you deem suitable. The pillow has its own air chamber. This means that in the event you prefer carrying your pillow, the pillow of the pad could be left deflated, and you could opt to only inflate the pad.

The Freeland Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad has a joint design, which enables two or more bags to be attached when camping with kids or your partner. Additionally, it has compression straps for a storage bag and easy folding so that it can be carried around saved.

Due to its relatively small size and light weight, after folding, the pad can be carried in a backpack. The sleeping pad weighs 3.3 pounds. The maximum weight it can hold is 150 kg. When inflated, the dimensions are 76 inches in length, 24.8 inches in width, while being 1.5 inches thick. 

10. ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed

The Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed is a camping mattress that’s made of thick and durable PVC and welded seams, with a velvety finish on top. This is not the cheapest camping mattress you will find, but it is considerably higher quality than most of its competitors.

Alps claim that the top side is 10% and the bottom is 17% thicker thicker than its competition . We did not do the math, but we can tell you that this extra reinforcement makes the mattress uniform and comfortable. 

The Mountaineerer’s velvety top steady and peaceful night’s sleep, without any risk of slipping off the bed. It’s a coil system which gives support for your body weight. The bed’s edges have rings which helps and aids in the stability of the mattress.

In addition to what’s lsited above, the Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed has a pump and a battery which may be used for a long period before needing to recharge.

Well there you have it, our top 10 air mattresses for camping for every budget. Even though camping mattresses are extremely comfortable, you may want to consider that a lightweight sleeping bag can be a good alternative. At the very least, you could get away with a camping hammock…It just depends on how light or heavy you plan to pack!

Happy camping.