The best bedding sets go beyond enhancing your bedroom to transforming your sleeping space into a peaceful sleeping haven. However, the sheer saturation of bedding can overwhelm even the most distinguished shopper. To make life simpler, we found the best bedding sets for you in a variety of prices to save you time and money.

From bed-in-a-bag sets to quilted coverlets and everywhere in between, we found sets ready to boost your bedroom with high-quality materials. Also, we found sets with multiple pieces to keep you from needing to search for multiple items to coordinate. Don’t spend hours searching the web. Instead, pick a set and start sleeping more peacefully now.

Finally, the sets on this list boast a wide range of styles to suit any decor. From modern to elegant and everywhere in between, we have bedding to suit your tastes. Now is the time to redecorate and get the bedroom of your dreams.

We go over each item in our roundup below in detail, but for anyone in a hurry here are our top picks.

Best Bedding Sets

We’ve rounded up the best bedding sets available on the internet to help you streamline your search for better sheets.

1. Luxury Best 8-Piece Comforter Set by Elegant Comfort

If you want an elegant bedroom with a simple design, look no further than the Luxury Best 8-Piece Comforter Set by Elegant Comfort. The second is in three sizes to cover six sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. You can also get the set in eight different colors ranging from black to blue, to suit your preferences.

Moreover, this bed-in-a-bag set comes with everything you need to make your bed into an oasis. The set includes a comforter, a bed skirt, two pillow shams, flatten fitted sheets, and two pillowcases. It also comes in microfiber for a wrinkle-free design and easy maintenance while retaining comfortable softness. Also, the sheets come with side pockets to allow you storage for personal items on the side of your bed, including everything from your phone to medicines or books.

The design, however, is the main selling point, with a tufted diamond style ready to upgrade any room into a bedroom suite. All this, for one low price and high-quality material. The bedding uses a ventilated weave that’s also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which is perfect for allergy sufferers. Finally, the fade-resistant colors keep this betting lasting for years, so you don’t have to search for another bedding set until if you get bored with the design.

2. Ink+Ivy Pacific Coverlet Mini Set

The Ink+Ivy Pacific Coverlet Mini Set is everything wonderful about the new modern bohemian style. It comes in either taupe or seafoam to coordinate with current trends and neutral palettes and comes in either full/queen or king size to work with larger beds. However, it’s the channel stitching with embroidery intertwin-ed in a geometric pattern that provides the superior style and refreshes your bedroom.

Meanwhile, the back of the comforter uses a single color on the back with clean lines for a quality coverlet meant to last for years. Another amazing aspect of this bedding set is it’s 100% cotton for long-lasting easy to wash material and 250 gsm cotton filling. It comes with 140 thread count cotton percale for moderate softness and flexibility. Also, it includes one coverlet and two pillow shams to coordinate your pillows with your comforter.

Finally, the comfort is easy to wash as you simply wash it on cold with gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Do not bleach or iron the set. You may want to reconsider this option if you have pets with dark hairs as the white on top will show dark fur and hair more readily. Create your perfect sleep space with this mix of gorgeous quilting and modern design.

3. Madison Park Harper Velvet Quilt Bedding Set

If you prefer a single color bedding set, you cannot go wrong with the Madison Park Harper Velvet Quilt Bedding Set. The best part of this set is the inlaid pattern and lightweight design to work with any season or climate. Moreover, this is a soft velvet style coverlet made out of 100% polyester meaning it won’t wrinkle and will add a lustrous appearance to your room or a guest room.

The set comes in several options starting with full/queen or king/cal king size and comes in six elegant color choices. With this set, you get one coverlet and two pillow shams. Inside, it’s filled with 240 gsm cotton fiber filling, although it’s the gorgeous quilted design with a beautiful geometric pattern that will entice you to buy.

It’s perfect for layering for cold weather or using alone in warm months. Does your turn to overheat will love a cooler lightweight comforter with soft brushed velvet on both sides. However, those with pets may find that fur sticks better to this material. Get the look of high-end quality stores without the high-end store price and turn your bedroom into your perfect elegant oasis.

4. Madison Park Ridge Queen Size Bed Comforter Set Bed in A Bag

Madison Park makes fabulous bedding sets for affordable prices and unique designs. Those look into maintaining a rustic design or just love plaid Will love the Madison Park Ridge Bed Comforter Set in a Bag. The only reason this versatile set is lower on the list is because it does not come in twin or full size. It does, however, come and clean, King, and California king size. You can also choose between red or gray plaid.

Next, the buffalo plaid pattern with printed herringbone fabric is hand-stitched for durability and elegance. Instead of quilting, the comforter uses secure stitching to keep the comforter from clumping. The bed in the bag set includes a comforter, pillow shams, a bed skirt, and decorative pillows. You will need to purchase sheets separately, but this gives you more options to stay within your color palette.

The set is made with polyester and comes with complete attention to detail. From beautiful stitching, do you added buttons to herringbone additions, it’s the perfect addition to your home. Lastly, if you tend to wash your bedding, often you may want to skip the same as the decorative pillow shams our spot clean only, and overall, this set is a little harder to wash then other bedding.

5. 3 Piece Quilt Set Ultra Soft Cotton Quilted Coverlet

If you want modern but with a twist, check out the 3 Piece Quilt Set Ultra Soft Cotton Quilted Coverlet by Cotton World LI. While it only comes in king size, this set offers a heavily quilted wave pattern to add movement to your room as well as a beautiful aesthetic ready to make your room gorgeous. The delicate and elegant embroidery will automatically increase the luxuriousness of your bedroom with high-quality craftsmanship.

The set comes in four neutral colors, including coffee, light coffee, pink, and beige, to work with most warm color schemes. Even better, the bedding set is oversized for a full drape to cover metal bed frames as it goes almost or all the way to the floor, depending on your bed height. It’s also made with 100% right cotton material for those who are concerned about eco-friendliness.

Next, the quote is washed with a natural and sign to add to the color and the luster four of fuller and brighter bedding set. The more you wash it this after it gets and it doesn’t fade, stain, or shrink and nor does it need to be ironed. The lightweight set includes the coverlet and two shams. Turn your bedroom into an intimate, warm, and comfortable space with high-quality bedding and a beautiful design.

6. KASENTEX Plush Poly-Velvet Lavish Design Quilt Set

The KASENTEX Plush Poly-Velvet Lavish Design Quilt Set comes with two shames and a coverlet in either queen or king size. It also offers a wide variety of color options, including pinks, red, blue, gray, or taupe. The set utilizes clean lines for a timeless design perfect for the master bedroom or even guest rooms ready to work decor pieces already in your room as it coordinates with both modern or classic styles.

Although this is a thinner coverlet, its extra warm to maintain an extravagant bedroom even in the winter. The backing color depends on what color you choose and can use an ivory color or the same color as the front. Washing is easy as it goes in on cold wash and tumbles dry on low heat. It won’t fade or shrink if cared for properly thanks to quality stitching and edging.

Last of all, the lavish velveteen sherpa with plush poly velvet provides superior softness for extreme comfort. Those with sensitive skin will love the comfort and softness as will pets, and their hairbrushes off easily. The only issue is they are standard size, so if you want extreme draping, you will need to pick a different option.

7. Mixinni Reversible 100% Cotton 3-Piece Elegant Quilt Set

Forget regular bedding, instead, get a bedding set fit for royalty like the Mixinni Reversible 100% Cotton 3-Piece Elegant Quilt Set. The embroidered set is reversible with the gorgeous gold scroll design on both sides. One side comes in white and the other in taupe for more options.

Moreover, the quilt is in complete soft cotton and comes with three pieces, including a quilt and two pillow shams. The set comes in either full/queen or king size to suit most larger beds. Washing is easy, too, as you simply toss it in the machine on gentle, low cycle and tumble on low too. As its cotton, it can wrinkle, but unlike other sets, you can iron this set on low if you really want to or do your best to pull it out of the dry as soon as it’s finished.

Lastly, the set works for all seasons, but it’s lightweight and, in the colder months, may need a thick blanket to keep you warm. If you are looking for a summer weight quilt, then look no further as this is the perfect option for you. Now you can get your dream bedding for an affordable price and create your own royal bed chambers.

8. Bourina Reversible Bedspread Coverlet Set

For a sophisticated minimalist bedroom, the Bourina Reversible Bedspread Coverlet Set with the simplest yet stable design. The set comes with premium stitching to keep the 100% skin friend microfiber from shifting or bunching. It’s also a set with both a thin bedspread and two pillow shams for the ultimate in luxury and comfort you can pair with the sheets of your choice.

The minimalist design comes in full, queen, or king for the perfect drape size and also comes in aqua, blue, pink, gray, or light purple to get the perfect cool bedroom aesthetic. Gorgeous piping around the edges adds to the lavish appearance as do the quality stitches and pattern. The simple solid color means you can dress the setup or down to your preferences without changing your current decor.

Finally, the oversized set is easy to wash on gentle, low heat and dries the same. However, after washing, it can pill a little, which is the only reason it’s lower on the list. Otherwise, the incredible price and design will appeal to almost everyone’s taste making this a perfect gift set too. Works in any season but requires a blanket underneath in the winter.

9. Chic Home Alligator 3 Piece Comforter Set

Those who want an animal theme room will find no bedding set better than the Chic Home Alligator 3 Piece Comforter Set. The velour set comes with one comforter and two pillows with lux faux fur fabric on the front and fleece on the back at 300 gsm. Change the direction for a simple design and then switch back to the alligator on a whim.

The only reason this set made the bottom of the list despite the dedicated style is it should be dry cleaned although you can wash it in the machine on gentle. If you decide to machine dry, add two tennis or wool balls to help retain fluffiness and help add in drying. The microfiber plush with a down alternative hypoallergenic filling gives you a warm night of sleep and peace of mind thanks to high quality.

If you want extra warmth for winter and a safari-style, this is the set with you. When needed, you can reverse it to a more casual design too. It’s best to use this as a cold season quilt and find a summer weight comforter set for warmer climates. Finally, it runs a little small, and you may want to size up if you want a lot of draping.

10. XeGe Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover Set

The XeGe Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover Set allows you to create the ultimate cozy nest in your bed. With 100% polyester microfiber plush shag, you get the ultimate in warmth and coziness, just like sleeping on fur or plush carpet without any injury to animals. Moreover, the back is ultra-soft crystal velvet fabric for added warmth and comfort perfect for those with sensitive skin or who get very cold while sleeping at night.

Next, the bedding set includes a duvet cover and up to two pillowcases depending on if you pick twin, queen, or king size. You will, however, need to purchase a duvet comforter to go inside, but this allows you to pick the weight of your choice to better suit your particular needs. Pick a favorite color for your nest from white, camel, navy, khaki, brown, gray, ivory, or old pink and get the rustic bed of your dreams.

The fluffy set washes on cold and dries on low. A hidden zipper design allows for easy laundering. Finally, the set comes with a 30-day return policy in case you don’t fall madly in love with your new bedding. It even comes with fuzzy pillows, dogs, and cats will love it, too, if you are willing to share.

Buying Guide for Best Bedding Sets

Bedding sets are very personal decisions with tons of factors, including price and style. Beyond those factors, you need to consider before making your final selection. Take a look at all of the considerations to make the best possible decision and get the most out of your money.

Type of Bedding

Quilts, comforters, duvets, oh my! So many words, but what do they mean? Bedding can come in several styles. Don’t worry, we will decipher the jargon for you so you can get back to fitting the set that works best for you.

Coverlets are lightweight, thin bed covers that serve as a top layer and add beauty to your room. Some coverlets are thick enough to use year-round, but most require a blanket underneath for warmth.

A quilt is made of three layers with fabric sandwiching in a thin layer of batting. Quilts also use decorative stitching for construction. They are similar in coverlets but do not have a mandatory size, although both are thinner.

A comforter focuses on warmth and plushness with a thick layer of batting and stitching to keep the innards from shifting around. It’s often warm enough to work as both a blanket and spread.

With a duvet cover, you get a decorative comforter cover to replace your sheet set. They are way more versatile and easy to change out without a lot of added money spent but do need a comforter to go inside the cover. You can choose your weight according to your style too.


You need to consider the climate of your location and the temperature of your bedroom. In general, you will want a lighter weight comforter for summer and spring and a heavier weight for winter. Of course, everyone has different needs, but make sure you buy the right weight for your needs.


Most bedding sets are made of either cotton or polyester. Cotton is higher-quality and natural, durable fiber. It’s also extremely breathable and comes in varying qualities to suit any budget. However, it’s more expensive than its counterpart and wrinkles. Polyester is much more affordable and comes in a variety of styles but isn’t as breathable. However, it’s very durable and resistant to stains.

Pick cotton if you tend to overheat in your sleep. If you detest wrinkles, then go with polyester. Both work well with pets. Finally, you can often find cotton-poly blends to get the best of both worlds.

Style & Decor

Finally, you need to take your style into consideration, as well as the decor you currently have in the room. If you plan to overhaul your room and start with fresh decor, then you have fewer limitations than if you want to coordinate with your current decor. Next, you need to ensure your new bedding set works with walls and furniture. If you have all gray furniture, you probably want to avoid shades of brown to avoid mixing too many warm and cool elements.


Keep in mind if the bedding of your choice will work well pets or kids. Some bedding, mainly lighter colors, appear dirty sooner, and the color of your cats or dogs hair may be more noticeable on the color opposite of them. Make sure the bedding you buy can wash in your machine or if you need to wash it at a laundry mat. Coverlets and quilts often fit in home size washers better than a comforter as they are so large.

Questions About Best Bedding Sets

Should I have one set for winter and one for summer?

If you want to have different weights for each season or change, you’re them a few times a year, then keep a couple of sets in your linen closet. You should determine if you have enough storage space to store multiple bedding sets as it’s a huge factor in the clutter level of your home. If you can only keep one set, then pick a coverlet and keep a thick blanket to put underneath in the wintertime.

How often should I wash my comforter?

How often you wash depends on several factors. If you have people or animals lying on top of the comforter or coverlet, then it should be washed once a week. If people and animals only curl up inside the sheets, then once a month is usually fine. Of course, you have the option to wash more or less, depending on your preferred cleanliness levels. However, bedding tends to get softer with washing, so wash more often for more comfort. Always wash all bedding after an illness to prevent spreading germs.

How often should I replace a bedding set?

Until seams are coming off or clumping of the internal material is happening, you can keep your bedding. Once it starts to show signs of wear, tear, or stains, you will probably want to replace it. However, if you are crafty with a needle and thread, you can always repair the coverlet or comforter instead. Many people still buy vintage quilts from the early 1900s because they were made with high-quality material. The better the quality, the longer the life span. Cotton almost always lasts longer than the polyester.

Final Thoughts About Best Bedding Sets

For a beautiful design and complete bedding set in a bag, the Luxury Best 8-Piece Comforter Set by Elegant Comfort should exceed your needs. It’s not only beautiful but comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit any bed and offers an elegant modern design. It uses polyester for comfort, warmth, and to avoid wrinkling or making more work for you. Finally, it even comes with storage pockets to serve as nightstands! Now pick your favorite and have fun redecorating your bedroom.

How to Choose the Best Sheets for Your Bed

Don’t become overwhelmed by the number of bedding choices available. This video talks about how to choose the best sheets for your bed, without getting lost in a sea of thread counts: