I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that there’s nothing quite like the joy of a good night’s sleep. Given that the quality and comfort of your bedding has a telling impact on your sleeping habits night after night, buying the best bed sheets is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make.

The harsh reality is that there’s little point in boasting the right mattress if the layer of comfort between your body and the bed leaves your skin feeling hot, irritated, or bothered. Likewise, the benefits of a quality duvet or pillow set are significantly restricted if they aren’t supported by the best bed sheets. So, if you’ve been suffering from disrupted sleep, this simple investment could transform things for the better.

When looking for high-quality bed sheets, luxurious comfort is king. However, there are plenty of other contributing factors to consider, ranging from convenience and durability to value for money. Following extensive research, we’ve shortlisted seven sets that are sure to help you enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Best Bed Sheets

1. Olive + Crate Tencel Sheets Set

For a comfortable night’s sleep on a luxuriously soft material that is particularly kind to anyone suffering from allergies, the Tencel bed sheet set from Olive + Crate is one of the best option on the market. The ultra-soft sheets look fantastic in any color (charcoal, gray mist, taupe sand, or white snow) and are designed to maintain those appearances for many years thanks to the deep embedding of color pigments. In truth, there’s a lot more to like about the bed sheets too.

One of the material’s best natural features is the anti-wicking properties. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of waking up at 2 AM covered in sweat, opting for the Olive + Crate Tencel sheets can make this a thing of the past. The Tencel fibers are woven in a way to prevent this problem, allowing you to focus on a great night’s sleep – and it’s a particularly noteworthy benefit for users that sleep with a sweaty spouse.

Luxury comfort provided by the breathable material is supported by the practical convenience of an elasticity that provides a perfect fit over your mattress, along with the extra deep 16” pockets. The days of spending several minutes trying to get the smooth fit free from air bubbles can be a thing of the past. This keeps your bed looking hotel fresh while providing a softness that can remove the threat of tossing and turning all night. Unlike some alternative materials, the Tencel sheets do not shrink over time, meaning those rewards can be enjoyed for many years.

The Olive +Crate Tencel sheets are available in king size or queen size.

2. Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series

Zen Bamboo’s luxury 1500 series is a four-piece bedding set that aims to provide users with comfort and style at an affordable price. It’s also available in a dozen different colors – including cream, sky blue, gold, brown, and purple – to provide maximum control over the esthetic of your bedroom. Meanwhile, deep pockets allow for coverage that extends to a mattress topper as well as a thicker style of mattress, ensuring a stylish look for any bed.

The sheets offer a smooth and tight fit that is supported by the wrinkle-free technologies to keep sheets that way. Crucially, even when they are tightly fitted, the corners do not come undone at either end of the bed. This is especially useful for anyone that wriggles and moves around throughout the night, as it prevents the frustration of being woken up in the night before needing to refit the sheets. It also saves a few valuable minutes when making the bed, adding to the practicality.

A combination of Bamboo-derived rayon and brushed microfiber provides an intense level of softness that becomes even greater after a few washes, which is a stark contrast from many inferior products that feel great for the first few days before losing all comfort within a few weeks. While the comfort and breathability are beneficial in all situations, they take on even greater importance for anyone sleeping in hot climates. The Bamboo 1500 series keeps you comfortable and cool all night long.

The Zen Bamboo luxury 1500 series is available in king, queen, California king, twin, and full sizes.

3. Mellanni Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

Mellanni’s 100% polyester range is highly popular thanks to the vast array of 45 colors and designs on offer. These range from solid luxury shades like lavender, persimmon, and olive to a range of checkered, chevron, and quatrefoil designs. While there’s certainly an eye-catching design for any bedroom setting, the brushed microfiber 1800 thread count bedding has a lot more to offer than esthetic rewards alone.

The microfiber is particularly effective at maintaining a comfortable heat, keeping the user cool in summer and warm in winter. They offer a soft feel that becomes even softer after being washed while the polyester is far more durable than the cotton used in comparatively priced cotton solutions. This longevity of comfort is supported by practical features like the deep pockets that can cover varying mattress depths without losing the tight fit or causing the bed sheets to flick up during the night.

Despite sitting at the lower end of the pricing bracket, the bed sheets are resistant to pilling and other blemishes to ensure that the appearances remain as pleasing as the comfortable feel for the long haul. Crucially, they are not at all scratchy on the skin, making them a good choice for anyone that has sensitive skin or allergies. While the price may cause some concerns about the quality, the truth is that they are exceptional value for money.

The Mellanni brushed microfiber 1800 bedding set is available in king, California king, split king, queen, full, twin, and twin XL sizes.

4. California Design Den 400-Thread-Count

Made from long-staple pure cotton, the California Design Den bedding set offers hotel-style luxury and comfort at an affordable price. While some would point to a 400 thread count as a potential cause for concern, the fact of the matter is that this does not impact the feel or durability of the fabric. That’s because it’s a high-quality thread and a natural material that’s free from chemical processing, which is far gentler on sensitive skin, while it also avoids pilling and fraying.

The ultra-soft sheets boast the versatility to work perfectly with mattresses of various depths and is particularly robust when fitting the product, which means a far smaller risk of rips. Crucially, unlike some fabrics that don’t live up to their promise, the California Design Den set is a genuine 100% cotton product providing supreme levels of comfort. It is particularly great option for anyone living in a colder climate as the cotton is exceptional at keeping you warm during the winter months.

While the 100% cotton may require some attention during drying as to avoid wrinkles, the California Design Den set is unquestionably one of the best on the market, providing long-term performance and appearance. Crucially, the comfort remains even after months of usage. When added to the plethora of colors that the set is available in, which includes paisley, dotted, florals, and pinstripe, as well as various block colors, it’s not hard to appreciate the appeal.

The California Design set is available in king, queen, California king, short queen, full, twin, and twin XL sizes.

5. Danjor Linens 6 Piece 1800 Series

The Danjor Linens 1800 series includes four pillowcases as well as the fitted sheet and flat sheet. The wrinkle-resistant materials and fade-resistant properties ensure that the bed sheets provide a hotel-quality look. This naturally brings a great level of pride in your bedding regardless of whether you choose arctic ice blue, taupe, white, gray, or another color. However, it’s the feel and comfort that will truly encourage a good night’s sleep.

A light fabric offers fantastic cooling properties while also brushing sweat away, which makes this bedding set a great solution for those that feel hot and sweaty at night, particularly those that wake up as a result of these issues. They offer a smooth and crisp fit over mattresses of any size while pillows retain their plush look and feel too. Even when you have particularly sensitive skin, the Danjor Linens set offers immense comfort on the skin for the long haul.

This comfort is especially noticeable on the pillow cases when you have long or frilly hair. The days of tossing and turning in a bid to get comfy while avoiding too much heat are long gone. Despite their lightweight properties, they are particularly robust to prevent rips and maintain their shape after multiple washes. For a product that sits at the lower end of the market, the bedding set offers fantastic value for money.

The range is available in king, queen, twin, full, and California king sizes.

6. SONORO KATE Bed Sheets Set

The Sonoro Kate bed sheet set, which is available as a four-piece (two pillow) or six-piece set, offer a high-quality sense of luxury and comfort from the moment you step into bed. Their hypoallergenic microfiber materials are supported by an elastic fitting all the way around, ensuring a tight and wrinkle-free fit on any mattress type up to a depth of 16” The silky sheets rely on providing the simple comfort of resting your head for a great night’s rest, and do not need fancy gimmicks.

This is underlined by the fact that the sheets are offered in block colors, although a choice of nine options provides plenty of versatility to suit any bedroom surroundings. Moreover, the gift wrapping presentation is a nice touch for anyone wishing to send the set to a loved one. In addition to resisting wrinkles, they resist fading colors to ensure the bedding retains its looks for the long haul. Crucially, the lack of wrinkles is combined with the silky softness for a very comfy night’s rest.

A breathable quality helps you stay a lot cooler during the summer. In fact, it can work with even greater effect than Egyptian cotton with greater thread counts. Another key factor is that the elastic edges actually keep the bottom sheet in place, preventing the nightmare of feeling the sheet moving underneath you during the night. This makes the bed sheets a practical solution for anyone that regularly tosses and turns.

The Sonoro Kate bed sheets are available in king, California king, queen, twin, twin XL, and full sizes.

7. Utopia Bedding Bed Sheet Set

With a name like Utopia, the brushed microfiber bedding set has a big reputation to live up to. However, the luxury comfort of a satin sheen finish lives up to the expectations while the wrinkle-free attributes and deep pockets produce the perfect fit and a smooth look that truly supports a heavenly night’s sleep.

Available in seven colors, finding the perfect match for your bedroom setting is an easy task. All of the colors provide a distinct feel of elegance and style while the anti-shrink properties ensure that you maintain that luxury vibe for years to come, especially as the sheets do not suffer from bobbles either. The sheets tuck in very well, preventing any risk of becoming moved out of position too.

A thin material allows for quick drying, which only further increases the convenience and practicality. Meanwhile, the quality of the thread means creates an experience that is free from itching and scratches, even when your skin reacts to the lightest touches. From an estehtic point of view, as well as long-term durability and the quality of sleep habits they promote, the Utopia bedding sheet performs far better than some of the alternatives that can be two, three, or four times the price.

The Utopia bedding bed sheet set is available in king, queen, full, twin, twin XL, and California king sizes.

How To Find Quality Bed Sheets

This video explains the difference between cheap and expensive bed sheets, and what to look for when buying them: