A bamboo pillow is a brilliant investment for both your home and health. They possess a naturally neutral odor and they are ideal for bedding because they are also naturally hypoallergenic which makes it a fantastic choice for anyone with specific allergies or respiratory issues. In addition to this, they also repel dust mites, so you will find that they last much longer and they are resistant to mold and bacterial growth, which can aid problems and symptoms of allergies. They are made of light material, which works very well to comfortably regulate body temperature and this is achieved by how well the bamboo absorbs sweat, so it’s incredibly breathable. Bamboo pillows are great for the environment, they are incredibly beneficial to the planet and in our growing eco-friendly world, they make a brilliant choice for everyone. They also don’t have to be expensive but as with any product, it’s good to get an idea of which the best ones are and which is best suited to your health, your lifestyle and your budget.

Some bamboo pillows have a more dense filling than others, meaning your pillow gives you a firmer and more supportive feel. Other pillows are lightweight and the filling may differ, but most of them offer orthopedic support that will be helpful for those with neck or shoulder issues. So let’s take a look at some higher rated bamboo pillows which will be sure to shift your mind into gear and make you realise the potential and benefit of buying yourself your first bamboo pillow!

Best Bamboo Pillows

1. Snuggle-Pedic

This is known as an ultra luxury bamboo shredded memory foam pillow, which is also practical for all because of its adjustable fit which can work with any bed. It has an incredibly conforming shape, which allows people who have any type of orthopedic issue to feel supported whilst they sleep. We often sleep in difficult positions that may create neckache or shoulder pain, but this pillow is suitable for all types of sleepers, including those who have pre existing conditions. Made up of 43% viscose of bamboo, the rest is made from polyester which helps to keep the pillow incredibly breathable. There is added foam in the box so there is no need to repurchase if you need to buff your pillow out further.

Created and made entirely in the USA, this brand has aimed to aid those who may have difficulties with their necks whilst sleeping and from just a few weeks of using it, you may find that your symptoms have improved. They are a little weightier than other bamboo pillows but this is mostly due to its support and the density of the bamboo which makes the pillow incredibly supportive in all aspects. It is well suited to side and back sleepers and it seems to hold up well during the hotter summer months and isn’t at all hot. This pillow is more on the pricier side, but this is for the larger size.

2. Xtreme Comforts

This pillow offers an adjustable thickness level for those who enjoy sleeping on a flatter or larger pillow. You can easily remove the stuffing, but if you feel your neck needs a different type of support, you can re-add the stuffing and really give your neck the support it needs. The removal of the stuffing, however, may be a little messy so it’s best to be prepared that you don’t lose any of the filling when you’re changing it up. Fast and convenient cleaning, by washing the Removable Zippered Cover and can be dried in your tumble dryer easily.

Made specifically for all types of sleepers, this pillow is great for the environment with no ozone depleters or any other heavy types of metals that can cause issues. Hypoallergenic, it is well suited for those who have any type of allergy and is cooling also. Having the good neck support can aid with migraines and offers good health benefits at good competitive prices. The pillow is a little more lightweight than certain pillows and should be an effective solution to those with neck problems. Overall it has been seen as a great choice although some people say that the smell of the pillow can be a harsh chemical smell, but the pillows are not made with anything untoward; so if this is something you can overlook, then this could be the pillow for you.

3. Dreaming Wapiti

This pillow is a 2 pack shredded memory foam pillow which comes complete with a machine washable cover; which is perfect to keep it hygenic and smelling good. Available in white, it is made mostly of polyester 60% and Rayon which is derived from bamboo 40%, making it lightweight and breathable. It is incredibly easy to clean, which means that you can keep the pillow at its optimal quality often, during the washing of the cover, it allows the bamboo filling to ventilate which helps keep good shape and keeps it free from bacteria build up.

Again the option is there to remove some of the filling to create a flatter pillow, which can aid with neck issues. Very lightweight, it feels like resting on a cloud and soft to the touch, you do not need to use your own cover as the pillow comes with its own (as mentioned above). Although some people say that the pillow does not hold its firm feel all night, it may be prone to losing a little bit of its firm feel but it does claim to provide exceptional neck support. Anyone with postural issues will also enjoy this pillow as it is designed to help keep your spine straight and in the long term it can assist any issues you may have.

4. Zen Bamboo

With premium gel fiber, this pillow is both cool and hypoallergenic and the feel is incredibly plush. The gel fiber creates a soft supple feel that provides you with true comfort. Their hypoallergenic fabric is one of its main features which makes it perfect for those with respiratory issues and allergies. They are easy to mould to your shape and are firm and sturdy enough to take your weight if you use them in bed to watch TV. They stay in shape once you have your desired setting and will not fade overnight and won’t need to be readjusted in the night.

One of the drawbacks may be that the filling is not as thick as others, and it may have a flatter feel therefore, if you are more partial to a bigger, chunkier pillow, this may not meet your requirements fully. You may need to double up your pillows but if this isn’t a problem then this could be a good choice. They can be washed in the machine and this will not diminish its integrity. They may not have the support that others do for orthopedics but the feel is very soft. This pillow is a little less expensive than some of the other bamboo pillows.

5. Dream Rite

This pillow’s filling is made entirely of shredded hypoallergenic memory foam which makes the feel of the pillow incredibly soft like you are sleeping on a cloud. Again, this pillow comes with the option to remove the filling and you will find inside lots of little misshapen pieces of memory foam that is used to create a soft and cosy finish when you lay on it. It is not incredibly full, so it is a little flatter than some pillows but if you prefer to have a flatter pillow then this could be a good choice, you cannot buy the filling additionally. It provides support to the head, neck and shoulders and is a naturally big pillow. It is most definitely on the larger sizes, and is a little higher than some of the other bamboo pillows, so if this is something that you like the sound of, then this could be a great choice for you.

They will fluff up automatically after a couple of hours and it does not need to be washed before first use. The price of this pillow retails for less than most, so it’s certainly on the inexpensive side.

6. Handua

This pillow’s filling is made entirely of shredded hypoallergenic memory foam which makes the feel of the pillow incredibly soft like you are sleeping on a cloud. Again, this pillow comes with the option to remove the filling and you will find inside lots of little misshapen pieces of memory foam that is used to create a soft and cosy finish when you lay on it. It provides support to the head and neck. It is recommended that you place the pillow in a dryer on low for ten minutes which allows the foam to expand, giving it a more plush feel and will assist it’s firmness and support for your body. Orthopedic design promotes proper spinal alignment and can even assist with snoring, so this could make the perfect gift for your snoring partner!

It aims to contour the neck nicely, and the memory foam is incredibly durable so it will give a firm support which may feel nice and supportive if you have a pre-existing neck issue. The cover has a little bit of quilting design, which isn’t entirely smooth but it is breathable fabric and the cover is removable and it is recommended that you wash it frequently to keep clean.

7. Mastery Mart Pillow

This pillow is yet another that comes with its own bamboo pillowcase cover, fully washable and is adjustable also to the style and size that you desire. With shredded memory foam, you can adjust the size depending on your neck issue, and disperse the filling to the areas that you need more support, focusing on the middle or the sides. Even if you remove a lot of the filler, the pillow will never go flat and will maintain its shape and density. The pillow is odorless so there is no need for washing the first time you use it and it has a soft smooth feel to the touch which feels nice when resting on it.

With an affordable price tag, the Mastery Mart provides a king size pillow which is the largest you can get. The size allows good weight distribution and is supportive to your neck and to your head, making it a good choice for added orthopedic support. It has a heavy feel and it can retain air, but this adds to a feel of luxury and comfort and keeps the pillow with a good supportive shape. Comfortable and reliable, this pillow is incredibly good value for its features.


So with a run down of all of the above, which one will make you conform to a new bamboo pillow? Although many of the bamboo pillows have only minor differences, one may stand out to you as the better quality for your lifestyle and choice, whether that is a bigger firmer pillow, or one that doesn’t have an unzippable cover, the choice is yours. Prices can vary from much higher to much lower, there is certainly a bamboo pillow for any budget, however you should be sure that the less expensive pillows still have the factors that you want in your pillow, but whether there are some things lacking, there is certainly no doubting the power and benefit of a great quality bamboo pillow.

If you find your new bamboo pillow too thick, you can remove some of the filling. Watch this video that demonstrates how to do this: